Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Flawless Beauty - April Bellabox

April Bellabox has arrived ;-)

The beautiful pink packaging makes me smile every month ;-) 

Again, as with every month in the beautiful box I find 5, yes 5 super samples for me to try out...

Enavose H2Osis Black Tea Quench Mask - already tried 'n' loved...I have tiny obsession with face masks ;-)  this can help skin retain a higher level of hydration, leaving it soft, supple and radiant.  Exactly what I needed during my trip to Australia trip to Adelaide and lack of humidity post HERE(I shall be investing in this ready for future trips to Oz...needed in Europe too - dry, flakey skin not very attractive!)

Kinohimitsu BB drink x 2 - already tried 'n' tasted...I actually like the flavour ;-) it promises to 'visibly perk up your skin from head to toe and restore it's more vibrant glow'.  First time uses are advised to take 1 bottle a day for 6 consecutive days, to maintain 'the look' continue with 1 bottle every 3 days.

Benefit Cosmetics 'Hello Flowless' liquid foundation - already tried, loved 'n' purchased ;-)  I really don't know how the Bellabox team do it but the colour I received is a perfect match for it's available in 9 shades, the girls' have done good, thx xx ;-)

Moa the green balm - not yet tried's Green, it's a balm, it's 100% natural and it's a miracle!  Use to nourish and renew dry, itchy skin and, apparently, works wonders on cold sores.

Lemongrass House shower gel 'lavender' - tried 'n' tested...I actually used half of the bottle in a 'bubble bath' ;-) love the scent, very relaxing.  I had recently been told of Lemongrass House and their products, my yoga class teacher used a lovely scented spray the other week...yes, I will be making a visit to my local Lemongrass House store to use my $5 gift voucher ;-)

In a previous month I received a Savior Fair lipstick 'miss you'...I love it ;-)  the very special packaging makes me smile too ;-)  Anyway, I have just placed an order for a Savior Fair concealer from the Bellabox website...I'll tell you how it is as soon as it arrives...

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

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