Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Titanic - real objects 'n' real stories

The ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands has been hosting the Titanic artifacts exhibition since end October 2011 (it runs until the 29th April 2012) 

Anyway, I have been so wanting to see this but my Mr Man had decided he 'would not like it'.  As he was away all last week and I am still not allowed a 'champagne brunch' (until lent is over at least), Mr Man suggested he treat me to Titanic :-)

Absolutely, fantastic exhibition :-)  Very interesting and easy to follow, my boys loved it too.  For my boys, the 'best bit' was the 'actual' ice berg and the outside promenade.  For me, it was the little snippets and stories about the 'real people' who travelled on Titanic.  Perhaps a little 'dark' but I loved the fact that every visitor got a replica of a boarding ticket along with the name and info relating to that the end you need to check if you survived the disaster.

My Mr Man and my boys were first class gentlemen :-)  Me, I was a third class passenger, 15 years old from Lebanon, travelling along with my husband who was a wealthy shoe merchant (perhaps the 1912 Jimmy Choo!? ;-))
1912 Jimmy Choos :-D

It was the first time we had visited the ArtScience Museum.  Of course, we've all seen it from a distance and marvelled at the white lotus flower style structure but up close (for me personally) it doesn't look quite as impressive.  Queueing 'n' purchasing ticket service leaves a lot to be desired...I always wonder what can be so difficult and cause a debate when simply purchasing entrance tickets.  If you can remain calm in the queue then the exhibits and interior are definitely worth seeing.

Surprise, surprise...on Sunday evening, we watched Titanic the movie from start to finish...all 4 hours of it!  It's easy to see why it won 11 Oscars, fabulous :-)  For me, I never tire of seeing Jack 'n' Rose fall so passionately in love...and Céline Dion never fails to make me sniffle 'n' sob!

Gorgeous Leo xx

I highly recommend the Titanic exhibition.  Something else I'm forever recommending is BellaBox but...!  I've now discovered 'Vanity Trove' and I shall be sampling their box of beautiful surprises very soon :-)  I'm also very excited to attend a 'special' SkinInc, Reebonz 'n' Vanity Trove event this week :-)  Can't wait to blog about and share my afternoon here...

The VT beauty box...
so excited to get my March box of beautiful surprises

I'm off now to decide what to wear and get my nails sorted out, they look a bit shabby today!

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)

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  1. Fun and informative, enjoyed reading your blog as always