Friday, 5 August 2016

Singapore opportunities, past 'n' I'm back

It's been a while!
It's been an age!
It's been 2 years and 10 months - blimey!

But I'm back...and ready to explain myself...

Why the radio silence?
Have I been doing nothing noteworthy?
Have I been doing stuff I didn't want to mention?
Have I been doing stuff of no interest?
Not at all!

From writing this little blog I was fortunate enough to be linked up with some exciting media people as well as some like-minded bloggers in Singapore.  So, while I was spending so much time 'working' and blogging, I was spending my free time away from my MacBook and doing other stuff!

Here's a brief look at what I've been up to since October 2013...

VANITY TROVE : I got on board with a Singapore brand named Vanity Trove - here, enjoyed testing beauty products for their online review sections and then fell into working as an editor on their mini mag.  I also took on some great review roles 'out of office'.

Vanity Trove - ready for subscribers,
Vanity mini mag (7 editions) written by me xx :)

I want to take this opportunity to thank the beautiful Camy who brought Vanity Trove into my life xx :)

TANGS : Through a certain staff member (previous) at Vanity Trove, I was linked up with an international advertising agency where I worked on one of their client's projects.  I was brought on board as Editor and Copy Writer for one of the biggest, and very prestigious, department stores in Singapore.  The Tangs magazine was an opportunity which was, not only so much fun, it really taught me a lot about the media business and how everything and everyone pulls together to make a marvellous finished product.

Tangs 'in house' magazine
I got to check out SEVIIN and signed myself as 'Editor' xx :)
I want to take this opportunity to thank the splendid Farhan who thought of me and brought me on board for that project.

BUBBAMAMA : I then met up with Katherine from BubbaMama.  This was THE most amazing opportunity I could have ever wished for.  Hitting it off from day one, Katherine brought me on board her team as Managing Editor at BubbaMama (and later Managing Editor at MartiniBlanc).  Together we had THE most fun anyone could wish to have (in a working environment anyways! :))

[our faces when leaving a media event when we BOTH bagged a Nespresso machine and Aerochino xx :) ] Loads of Happy Memories and smiles xx :)

While working with Katherine on both BubbaMama and MartiniBlanc, I worked on pretty much everything from reviewing beauty products (Body Shop, Lush, Fresh), to getting 'house best' theatre seats at many shows being performed at Marina Bay Sands Theatre.  I got to interview the stars, reviewed the shows and enjoyed the performances greatly (My Fair LadyLe Noir, Grease, Mama Mia).  We also bagged some tickets which made for wonderful giveaway prizes for our readers - giving always feels so good!

I was lucky to receive personal invitations to many prestigious events and happenings around Singapore too (Amber Lounge - Formula One weekend and many red carpet premier nights).

What was a great bonus was when I was asked to bring my boys along too - the three of us were welcomed to ride the Luge at Sentosa, take a preview tour at Madame Tussauds Sentosa, sky dive at iFly, preview the water playground at Gardens by the Bay and attend premiers of movies too - with free popcorn of course - my boys were super happy!

My boys will also remember well the hand deliveries we would receive : boxes and bags packed with treats for us to review (drinks and juices, cakes and bread, ice-cream and pizza) :)  My boys even made a video which is now on YouTube : the BubbaMama Sunshine Cocktail

White Moon, Tsubaki, iFly, Sinequanone, Gardens by the Bay
Blimey!  That all seems like a life time away!  What fabulous memories to treasure for another lifetime!

Sadly, I had to bid my farewell to Katherine and BubbaMama when my time in Singapore came to an end.  So I packed up my desk, kept my photo memories and now enjoy a Nespresso with 'frothy' milk regularly and think of happy times xx :)

You can read the parenting and mama lifestyle online mag BubbaMama HERE.
You can read the ladies lifestyle online mag MartiniBlanc HERE.
...and you can check out pics over on Instagram @bubbamama and @martiniblanc

My Fair Lady, Le Noir, Cavalier, SG50 celebrations, Formula One media call

I want to take this opportunity to thank the very gorgeous and truly fabulous, Katherine who trusted in me and gave me such an amazing opportunity xx :)

So, that's the Singapore opportunities past - now onto the here, the now and the future...

Life in Australia,
living the #farmlife,
You may have gathered I left Singapore - my family and I along with our 2 Mr Dogs flew out of Changi Airport in January 2016 and are now living in the very beautiful Adelaide Hills area of South Australia.

More of the present coming in the future (to follow....)

There's stories of stress and tears with Broken Bones and Runaway Dogs, as well as happy smiles when our dreams come true, finding grapes and wine tasting in our Shed, driving (the compulsory farmlife vehicle) the UTE, experiencing changing seasons, feeling the cold and sunbathing on the deck!

You are invited to follow me as I make the Adelaide Hills and Australia a part of my story.  Do come along with me as I explore and discover my new home, taste and trial foods, services and check out what's happening in and around the city of Adelaide in South Australia @visitsouthaustralia

Until the next time.

Kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)