Friday, 5 October 2012

Being a Bellabox blogger part 2 'n' Birthday month giveaway

What have I been doing for the last 3 weeks? For whatever reason I have found myself incapable of sitting down with my beloved blog....

But, this has to change, I cannot neglect my blog in its birthday month...yes 'we' are one this month! Who else celebrates a birthday in Mum...

Ah yes, but there is another special birthday this month, for is also one year old. I've been with them, loving them, reviewing them and generally getting excited about my monthly BellaBox for a whole year now....

You will maybe have read my part one to the TFI Friday blogger event ..HERE...  and now, here's what else I loved from the night:-

Firstly, my assigned beauty table was with Pétronille....get to know Petronille Cosmetics  This whole concept sounds amazing and I met and chatted to the founder a lovely Parisian lady. At the beauty table we had a special little make your own facial gommage or facial scrub session. Fab's what went in my little jar of goodness:-

Brown Sugar 1.5 cup, olive oil 1 cup, multiflower honey 1 teaspoon and ginger essential oil 2 drops.

Of course, we were given lots of info to help us choose the right ingredients for our perfect reasons were these:-

Brown sugar - it has natural properties to exfoliate for supremely soft skin, naturally prevents moisture loss whilst gently buffing away dry skin cells,
Olive oil - contains a high level of healthy fatty acids and antioxidant vitamin E that moisturise, protect and nourish skin,
Honey - an emollient in skin care and creates a watertight film, allowing skin to rehydrate itself.  Moisturising, softening and sweet fragrance.
Ginger - to add scent.

A Pétronille goodie bag before we leave? Oh, how lovely.

I may not have been up to date with my blog but I've been doing research into Pétronille and have actually found the time to use my facial gommage and the real Pétronille product, thoroughly love it and "J'adore" the concept of cream for day or night and then the add-in booster for your particular concern.  The texture is fabulous and does actually feel like it is doing some goodness to my 'visage' ;)   Have you heard of Petronille?  Learn about Petronille Cosmetics HERE

Who else was present at the event, Aveda you already read about ...Aveda love... so, who else was present for us to meet, greet, trial and test? 

Elizabeth Arden with gorgeous eye shadow and mini makeover. I absolutely loved the look I was treated to, as a newbie to eye makeup, i was presently surprised at the texture and effects given by their 'Beautiful Colour' eye shadow duo.

Caudalie - with their Vinosource, I would like to say the 'vino' in the title does not get me interested but it does :-) I'm looking forward to trying some more of their products, but thanks to Bellabox I've already had the chance to discovered their 'eye and lip cream'. 

Bioderma with their Sensibio H2O - I'd actually heard about this before but had not had the chance to see it in action.  Seeing really is believing and it quite literally wipes away every trace of make-up, dirt and grime.  I'm sure this will be a fave and heading to the top of many cleanser/makeup remover lists.

This beautiful lady with very gorgeous make-up...
....and here she is with one side of make-up removed, with zero effort...amazing !

Of course, we were treated to the famous 'make your own BellaBox' my first time at this...I was not disappointed and managed to pick up some of my faves. What a wonderful experience and fun event to blend with like minded beauty lovers.

A lovely big 'merci' to the BellaBox team for the invitation and for putting on and providing such a fun event. Hope to blog about another v.soon xx :-)

A selection of my goodies will be packed into this Bellabox and sent to one lucky winner xx ;-)

Have you tried or indeed BellaBox somewhere around the world?

As its my blog's birthday month along with's birthday month, I thought it would be pretty cute to do a little giveaway of my very own Bellabox and goodies:-

So, I'm new to this technology of contests in blogs but here we go, let's try this out...

Please drop by Facebook and like my page....kissesandsmiles on Facebook xx :-)
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Finally, leave a comment on this blog to make me smile :-) xx :-)

I'm going to leave the contest open until Sunday 28th October 2012, when I shall see who's been liking stuff on Facebook and who left me a really lovely comment. I'll paste the name of the winner (no random computerised picking just me myself shall choose) within one week of the contest closing and we'll see where I need to deliver the BellaBox to...good luck!

Kisses n smiles from me xx :-)

NOTE this contest is open from the date it goes live until the above mentioned closing date, it is open to all countries in the hope that delivery and customs will be allowed. The BellaBox i have up for grabs is in accordance with regular procedure, in that it shall include 5/6 selected products from true bellabox recent boxes. I think that's all, let's hope it works!

BTW my love for Bellabox and their brand partners is in no way influenced by my invitation to be a blogger. I truly love the concept and am enjoying my discovery of amazing products from both new and familiar worldwide brands xx :-)