Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Welcome to the House of Colour...

Do you really know what colour suits you?  

I don't mean what colour you love and want to wear endlessly because its so the colour of the season...I actually mean do you know what colour makes you look absolutely drop dead gorgeous, what colours give you a true sense of confidence and what colours do you need to wear to make everyone wish they had your style!!

For my birthday this year, my Mum organised, not only a morning of colour, but also a lifetime of knowledge for her and myself.  It was fabulous to spend a full morning with my mum, it was also lovely to share it at the home of Karina, our personal consultant, with the House of Colour.

Learn more about House of Colour here xx :-)

First things first:-
Off with the make up, tie back and cover your hair and be covered in a white cloth to create an absolute clean slate.  Now Karina is all set to work her colour magic...

Golly how shocking do I look :-( anything will be an improvement on this pic, truly!!

The Colour Wheel - it's split into 4 sections which represent the colours of the seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter)...

Is it this or that...

So the House of Colour Consultant then takes you on a journey of colour.  Bringing similar colours from the very different areas of the Colour Wheel and offering you the choice of 'this or that'.  I actually found this quite difficult at first, I was more interested in what colours I actually 'liked' rather than what made me look good.  

I got the hang of it though and once I 'saw it' I couldn't believe how my face and eyes really came to life when the 'correct' shade of colour was under my chin.  "Oh my, how did I never see or realise that before!?"

Very similar greens but there really is only one that makes you look fabulous xx :-)

What season of colours are we?

Once Karina had me realise how I looked so much more alive, brighter and actually felt more confident surrounded by 'my' colour scheme, we were all set to put on a little makeup and apply the exact shade of lippy that totally worked for me...

Now that's a better look.  

So, I'm a Winter Jewel.  Also, I'm better in silver jewelry and should I feel inclined to wear pearls then I should go for white pearls.

My Mum went through the exact same process and ended up a perfect Spring.  

She looks amazing xx :-)

...and there is the lovely Karina (she's confident as a Winter Jewel and really did look stunning)

So, will this change your life?  

Perhaps 'change your life' is a little heavy!  I do feel your confidence to dress in a colour you were 'never sure about' will shine out.  You will feel confident knowing you look fabulous and I know your shopping trips will be very different....Let me explain, I've always been a shopper for pleasure and tend to come home with items that don't actually go together (2 tops, one pair of shoes and a couple of paris of earrings) Course, I felt I 'needed' these items and they'd be worn at some point.  Since my experience with House of Colour, I've actually stopped to think before buying and since then, have purchased fewer items and now know what colours I can easily pair together to create a 'new' outfit from my older wardrobe.

Like this scarf...with the colours in it being from my Winter colour scheme, I can pop this around my neck or shoulders to completely change a top and therefore create a perfect outfit for me.

Find an house of colour near you Here..... Find YOUR House of Colour

If you do live in the UK and more specifically in the South Yorkshire area then I highly recommend visiting Karina...her House of Colour web page is here ... Karina

There's a House of Colour pretty much everywhere so, just because you are not in England or visiting England in the near future, you've really no excuses for not finding your season of colours and embracing them with a passion NOW xx :-)

I want to thank Karina for our wonderfully colourful morning and for the knowledge we took home with us.  Yes, me and Mum now know 'our' colours but its so much more than that!  xx :-)
Me, after my House of Colour experience
and wearing my Red lippy

Kisses n smiles from me xx :-)