Monday, 3 June 2013

Geocaching, treasure hunting 'n' discovery

I'm not really posting about Geocaching, as such, but more the idea that whilst me, Mr Man and my boys are searching and figuring out the coordinates of the caches and waving our iphone compass around and tapping on the GPS to make sure it's working, we discover and learn a little more about Singapore.

I've posted about Geocaching before GEOCACHING POST HERE.   It's one of those fun activities we do as a family, got into it first in UK during one of our summer trips, and now we search the Geocaching website for clues and locations and, more often than not, find note our name followed by 'TFTC :-)'

...what is Geocaching?
All you questions are answered HERE at

Yes, there is a piece of the Berlin Wall in Bedok Reservoir Park!

An Arts Centre just 10 minutes cycle from our place that we never even heard of.  They offer art and craft holiday activities for kids and classes for adults.  

There's a café 'Café Melba'

There's a restaurant & wine bar 'La Barca'

Not tried either the café or the resto yet, but it's on our list...keep you posted of what the food, service and atmosphere is like.

A Shopping Mall out in Tampines that specialises in 'outlet' stores (Esprit, Samsonite, name but a few).  More info HERE

Oh, the day we searched and found the Cache there was a set up of an outdoor roof top cinema...these seem to happen quite often...details on Facebook at FREE MOVIES UNDER THE STARS

 And, if your little one has been as good as gold while you've been shopping and spending, treat them to a little water activity in the outdoor play area '3House' (Tree House up on level 3)

What can we discover next?

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)