Tuesday, 12 June 2012

to do lists 'n' panic

I'm most definitely one of those people who works best with having written a list...

I cannot, cannot get anything done if I do not have it all neatly written down in a list (when I say written down, I have actually converted to the 'notes' section on my iPad :-))

Anyway, however I make a list it always seems to be 'never-ending' and at the moment I finish writing it I feel a sudden panic ! 

Today was no different, I started writing 'said list' last night and finished it this morning...I looked back over it and thought "OK, how and when is this lot going to get done?"...I'm now over half way through the list but, as always, have managed to add to it and done stuff not on the list!

I'm in the stage of packing and thinking about what to pack for our hols in the UK :-)  Yes, we are all so very excited but there seems to be soooooo much to do before we get on the plane.

I know, basically, what I am packing 'waterproofs, jumpers and thick socks'...

Paddington in the rainy UK :-)

I'll get done, I'll get down my list, I'll get packed, we'll get on the plane with nothing having been forgotten and ready for a fabulous 4 weeks in Yorkshire/Lancashire with our fabulous family and amazing friends (rain or no rain - we shall be smiling :-))

always time for a blog update xx ;-)

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)