Friday, 2 March 2012

Sunday, Champagne 'n' Richard Branson

When a Sunday includes a Champagne brunch at a 'posh' hotel the world really does seem like a better place :-) such a perfect way to keep smiling even though it's the last day of the wk/d ;-)

Our very first place of residence in Singapore was Great World Serviced Apartments and our 'local hotel' for Sunday brunch was the Grand Copthorne Waterfront...

Super happy memories from our many, many Sunday afternoons
by the Singapore River ;-)

My boys especially enjoyed the Easter Sunday Special...lots of yummy goodies for the 'kids' ;-)  Honestly, anything and everything was made of chocolate with a cute bunny 'n' chick theme :-)

When our family visited at Christmas time we treat them all to Christmas Day brunch at this good favourite... Yep, as we've become 'regulars', I was able to choose our fave spot in the big bay window over looking the Singapore River. Perfect, perfect :-)

I did intend to recommend all Singapore residents to reserve their table in Brios Café for Sunday Brunch but.....having contacted their F&B Manager I am informed that Brios Café is now hosting 'Afternoon Tea with sparkling wine'.  Gosh, how disappointing!  Looking on the bright side, I guess me 'n' my Mr Man will just have to try that out and yes, I'll review and let you know how it is...:-)

Over the last 11 months Mr Man and I have very much enjoyed familiarising ourselves with this Sunday brunch concept here in Singapore...

Conrad Centennial, Marriot Orchard, Pan Pacific

Pan Pacific refreshment :-)

Me 'n' Richard Branson ;-)
Pan Pacific, Singapore

Pan Pacific...although the Champagne 'n' food was wonderful, the setting of the café was not my 'personal' favourite.  I did enjoy the company though :-)  We happened to brunch at Pan Pacific during the 'Formula 1 night race' weekend...a bit of celebrity spotting never fails to make me smile :-)

Combining business 'n' wife tagging along 'n' Mr Man have also brunched in China and Vietnam (so far)...not on expenses though :-)
Ritz in Shanghai, Intercontinental, Ho Chi Minh City...

Market 39, Intercontinental,
Ho Chi Minh City

My most recent Sunday Brunch was in January at the Ritz Carlton in their Greenhouse.  We were there to celebrate my Aunty's (special) Birthday. It really was fabulous...
I have a thing for desserts ;-)

Option of Vintage Champagne or Rosé Champagne...also a cocktail station - I discovered the Mojito...absolutely amazing and now my fave cocktail, yummy ;-)

Oh, yes....anyone who knows me personally will know that I do Sunday brunch for the seafood course, desserts 'n' champagne but I am informed the real food is really good too ;-)

I'm finding it hard to believe we have been in Singapore 11 months!  How fast this time has gone...almost our leaving France/arriving in Singapore anniversary...Wow!

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

SPCA, Personal Assisting 'n' Art...

Monday morning took me to Mount Vernon Road and my little 'job' in the SPCA shelter...

Anyone in Singapore who is thinking of getting a pet... PLEASE, please take at look at the animals up for adoption. There will most certainly be an adorable and perfect, pooch, kitty, bunny or hammy waiting just for you :-)

On Sunday I got myself proper organised for a very 'arty' day...

How many Mums intend to, and love the idea of, a day doing arty stuff with the kids...what happens, we need to tidy round, clear a space and dig out paper and paints. That's happened to me since forever!
finally organised...let the messy time begin :-)

Me and my boys had loads of fun creating 'n' crafting and now have a permanent art station (table) on the balcony...yes, we shall be creating some masterpieces 'n' having lots of fun too ;-)

To be perfectly honest, for a few days over the weekend I didn't feel much like smiling. I'd had my feathers well and truly ruffled by a certain individual :-( 

Ruffled feathers to fit my mood :-/

I hate conflict and am generally the person that really avoids it all but 'some people' like a bit of a good old conflict and actually thrive on the attention it involves ;-) I'm for sure not going into the 'histoire' but heck I was annoyed! Anyway, for now it's time for a spot of SUMO :-D and I'll get back to life, fun 'n' smiling... :-)

Once again, Mr Man is away and to keep myself busy this week...I've got myself started on some course work assessments. ICS Personal Assistant course to be exact. The whole concept of the correspondence course is excellent, making it easy to study from home wherever your home may be.

My dream PA job - all the clothes 'n' shoes ;-)

This is my third course with the International Correspondence School and this one has started off very interesting and pretty straight forward...mainly common sense stuff which I'm pleased to say I have a lot of :-). Today's topics...the role of the PA, office equipment and behaviour in the office 'tact and diplomacy'!

Love that - tact and diplomacy...yep, I've got that sorted too :-)

Ah well, it's good to be smiling can't beat a bit of Skype with friends 'n' family to put life back on track :-))

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)

Monday, 27 February 2012

Iron Lady 'n' painted nails...

Last week I finally made it to the cinema to catch 'the iron lady' :-)

The movie received some bad reviews in Singapore, but I'm happy that didn't put me off from checking it out for myself.  I do think it is necessary to know what MT was all about and understand the ins and outs of her time in parliament and as Prime Minister. The story would be quite lost on younger generations and non-British folks.

Meryl Streep is magnificent in the role...
actually, quite spine tingling-ly, alike the iron lady herself. The whole casting was fantastic and the actors were very, very much like their real life characters. Hats off to the casting team :-)

There are some quite shocking clips in the movie (riots re poll tax and miners strike) but the story would, obviously, not be complete without these incidences being mentioned. All in all, a movie well worth seeing :-)

Over the last month I have become a little obsessed with my nails. Before which, I was very much a nibbled nail and always pale pink-y nail kind of girl...

The Moustaffa Centre have some really inexpensive polish and a massive selection of fab colours. Yes, these are proper 'cheap' compared to OPI but the quality is great and I find them so easy to paint on, not at all clumpy or streaky and also I'm not having it all chipping off the very next day. (add to that my 'special' drying method and the polish really is 'as hard as iron' :-))

I'm off now to paint my nails green with a hint of blue sparkle...a perfect combination for wearing with my new blue dress :-)

If I can pin my Mr Man down for a minute before he jets off to China again
I'll get him to take a pic of me wearing my lovely new dress...

Post about Sunday brunches 'n' Champagne in Singapore (and region) coming next... :-P

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)