Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Astalift 'n' tones of orange... what woman does not want to try everything possible to see even the smallest of results?

Who knew that collagen is present in film paper? (hence the link between Fujifilm and beauty). So, with almost 80 Years of working with collagen, you would expect Fujifilm to know what they are doing in creating Astalift :-)

'Glowing 'n' Brightening up' with Astalift...I can't wait to see the results of this Japanese created beauty brand ;-)

So, using 'oxidation-controlling technology'(sounds very technical ;-))
the same controls to prevent your old, aged photos from colour fading,
Fujifilm can now help control your skin from losing that youthful glow too ;-)

Yes, remembered my camera this time
so here's a few pics from me @ Astalift workshop, Singapore

From Asia to Europe or Singapore to Paris to be exact...
Astalift now in Paris...Ooh la la ;-)

Emotion Hall ASTALIFT
Espace Ephémère
40 rue Etienne Marcel
75002 Paris

Recently hitting the stores in Europe (February 2012) available at a very chic parisienne boutique.  This brand looks set to be big, big, big (as long as it avoids being 'lost in translation....
for, the products I saw and the samples I was given to test are covered in Japanese characters ;-/ I'm pretty sure the products on sale in Europe will be marked 'au moins en Anglais'?

Saturday morning I headed down to the Astalift 'workshop'...lots to learn (click HERE for full details of their nano technology and products list). I was impressed with the cleansing gel which 'effortlessly' removed waterproof mascara.  Also, equally impressive is the moisture foam which, using just a tiny bit, foams up soooo much and leaves pores really clean and skin feeling moisturised ;-)  

Next step to 'the glow' is lotion...I loved the cooling effect it had :-) various ways to apply this...personally, I like the way you can soak a fabric mask and leave to 'let it do it's work'; these tiny capsule thingies are, apparently, available in Daiso, Singapore. Soak the capsule in lotion, open the mask up and 'viola' you have a super face mask...

I'm either very easily impressed
or these little capsules truly are amazing ;-))

As well as the fabulously rosy fragrance I'm also loving the beautiful coloured packaging which also represents the product colour (a natural colour from the astaxanthin extracted from sea algae. I also looked incredibly colour coordinated wearing my orangey butterfly print top, my orangey-peachy beads and butterfly necklace and who could fail to notice my tangerine nails ;-)

butterfly print blouse - NafNaf
butterfly necklace - gift
tangerine nails -  Sephora

bag of goodies courtesy of Astalift

My totally fabulous 'goodie bag' from Astalift was a nice surprise :-) and I am very much looking forward to trying, testing 'n' checking out the results from this bag of goodies.  I am especially excited to sit back 'n' relax in the moisturising mask (rrp S$17.60) ;-)  A full review and my 'skin reactions' to these sample size goodies to follow v.soon.  Hey, I've got tons to try 'n' test given I was also presented with a special 'Astalift Vanity Trove' box of beautiful surprises xx ;-)  If my skin is not positively 'glowing' next time you see me I'll be asking one or two questions ;-)

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

:-)  BTW I took part in the Astalift workshop courtesy of 'special invitation' from Vanity Trove but, I give my remarks and opinions of their products honestly xx :-)