Thursday, 3 November 2011

fairytales, bliss 'n' bintan...

I'm new to the blogging world and enjoying it so much.  Each day I'm smiling thinking of ideas for future posts and, of course, smiling along while reading other great blogs.  I decided though to do a search on google to find out "why we blog?"  Of course, Google came up with the perfect link for me to read and the simple answer to the question is WHY NOT ! yes, such a great answer made me smile ;-)

Also, as I am new here, I decided to get myself a book...

The cover alone made me smile ;-)  It really is full of excellent information 'n inspirational ideas.  I highly recommend to all arty and creative bloggers new in this world.

Thinking more about creative talents now...I had some news from a good friend regarding her wallpaper business, Châto & co

Their wallpaper collection had lots of positive feedback and was of an excellent quality (heck I would say that - it was made up in the North of England) but sadly their fairytale is no more :-(  I am positive that my friend and her partners will not give in and their next venture will be up and running very soon. I wish them lots of luck wherever their creative talents take them. 

From fairytales to dream destinations...

Singapore is placed extremely well for travelling around Asia.  When I lived here previously we couldn't take up too many opportunities because of me being either pregnant or with babies and everyone knows that travelling, even the shortest distance, with babies requires endless bags full of endless baby paraphanelia!  Now though, we are back and are going to take full advantage of our placement in Asia. 

Starting with Indonesia...  Bintan is our neighbour really, just 55 minutes by ferry, the resorts there are fab.  With white sandy beach, palm trees and fabulous hotels really makes a weekend there feel like you are in "le paradis de la relaxation" ;-)  Even my busy, busy husband got a chance to relax just long enough to put his Blackberry away before a swim in the surf.  I highly recommend a wk/d on Bintan to recharge batteries and switch off all electronic devices! ;-)

ok, so these aren't actual Bintan waves!
There are some pretty good waves there for beginners ;-)

To finish, we had such fun, lots of sun 'n' great surf we'll be going again very now I'm off to Marina Square, Rip Curl store in search of perfect surfer babe gear :-) hey, any excuse for a new outfit ;-)

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Starbucks, Monet 'n' Yoga Dogs

A few pics which are making me smile right now... I hope they make your day a smiley one too ;-)

Christmas has arrived at Starbucks Singapore.  The Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha sounds far too yummy to ignore, for sure I shall have to sample this Starbucks Christmas Delight - maybe a cranberry muffin too ;-)  Oh heck, Holiday Season kilo increase starts early!

The past weekend I went along to the National Museum of Singapore with my three men.  I'd been wanting to visit for sometime and, of course, needed a good excuse to 'drag' my three men along...their interest in Geocaching was the perfect excuse (more about Geocaching and Singapore caches another time) ;-)

The visiting exhibition right now is 'Dreams & Reality' French 19th and 20th century art on loan from the Musee d'Orsay, Paris.  It was pretty amazing to see all of these "famous" paintings here in Singapore.  I had to wonder which moving company they used - not a single scratch or tear in any of the art work! 

Finally, and I'm sure the only time you'll see 'Monet' and 'Van Gogh' joined by such a fab image...

I am still smiling at the Yoga Dogs ;-) can't wait for Father Christmas to bring me this calendar...

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)