Wednesday, 9 November 2011

SPCA, Wicked 'n' Christmas ideas

This week I'm smiling because I started my training for reception work at the SPCA animal shelter.  I felt very much like the new girl on her first day at school but everyone is very friendly, helpful and, of course, we are all animal lovers so I'm going to be in good company.
There is just one major problem which I'm going to come up against - this is to not allow myself to bring home random animals who might be available for adoption...Mr Man has put me under strict orders to keep our home to just one dog - but we'll see ;-)

Wicked the musical...who's seen it?  What do you think? Could my kids see it?  More importantly, will it make me smile? :-) 

The show opens here on the 6th December and I'm thinking I might 'need' tickets. Bit pricey, but if it's as good as the reviews say then it will be an excellent show.  I do love a good Broadway musical :-)

If I understand correctly, it's kind of what happened in the land of Oz 'n' wizards before Dorothy arrived. It makes me think to a friend's wall post on Facebook recently...this very much made me giggle and smile ;-)

Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming...oh yes, the decorations are going up all around the city (all around the island actually).  The official light up day is 19th November.  Twinkling festive lights really do make me smile :-)

I love the whole coordinated Christmas tree and decoration thing, and asked my Mr Man for his opinion on my choice of 'orange, gold 'n' blue' for this year...a shrug of his shoulders - he never fails to make me smile :-) anyways, I'm taking that as an approval...

So, writing lists and I'll soon be on my way to Spotlight to buy blue 'n' orange ribbon 'n' tons more blue 'n' orange sparkling Christmas goodies.

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)

Monday, 7 November 2011

geocaching 'n' nail art

Geocaching...OK, so this really will not be every ones "cup of char", but my 3 men enjoy it and when they are happy 'n' entertained...I'm smiling :-)

I'll not go into the 'ins 'n' outs' of what Geocaching is (check out the wikipedia link here and the official geocaching site here). My men discovered this during our summer hols in the UK, kind of treasure hunting for big kids! We had fun (in the British rain) following trails through North Yorkshire fields full of sheep, great exercise up 'n' down the hills and my boys were kept smiling by the promise of pirate loot or booty at the end :-)

The trackable made me smile :-)
My men were lucky enough to locate a trackable geo tag in Lancashire...these are extra goodies with unique id numbers which are tracked on the official Geocaching website. Of course, we brought Signal and his friend the lion back to Singapore and have recently checked him into the Trackable Hotel located in the National Museum of Singapore - sure he'll keep me smiling as we follow him on the website to see where he travels to next.

Even as I'm writing this post, Mr Man and my boys are out on their bikes and visiting the site of another great Singapore Cache. They'll be searching to answer clues to the cache coordinates and I'm sure they'll have fun at Marina Barrage and the new Gardens by the Bay.  I highly recommend Geocacaching to get the men in your family smiling as they do some treasure hunting :-)

Now to something different and much more 'girly'!  'Nail Art' is very much making me smile ;-)

I really did not think I would get into this, my nails are always cut pretty short I'm often caught chewing and biting them...very ladylike in deed! Krikey, not so long ago I got a Gelish manicure done (not even going to tell how much I paid for that!)  Gelish were obviously not thinking of me when they said it would last for 3 weeks...within 3 days I had flicked, chipped and pealed at this thick Gelish substance. Of course, this stuff does not come off with regular nail varnish remover...I had to sit in the salon with foil wrapped nails for 30 minutes, $30 for the trouble.  This certainly did not make me smile!  I will not be recommending Gelish to anyone who cannot avoid fidgeting with their nails.

There are so many fab nail art designs :-) I'm thinking a design with candy cane stripes or snowflakes for the festive season. Sure, they'll not last much past Boxing Day but neither will the imported Christmas tree :-)

If anyone has found iTunes Singapore to do anything other than boring podcasts and university related books , you are better at locating these than me!  I'm now going to log into iTunes UK, hopefully get a preview of the new Rihanna album and I might well buy the odd music video and download a bit of Pitbull too ;-)

I leave you with the beautiful Rihaaaaaaaaanna singing one of my faves (the song never came out as a single so the link is a bit of a 'tacky You Tube - lyrics on screen special' but the music is there) Fire Bomb enjoy :-)

Kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)