Wednesday, 9 November 2011

SPCA, Wicked 'n' Christmas ideas

This week I'm smiling because I started my training for reception work at the SPCA animal shelter.  I felt very much like the new girl on her first day at school but everyone is very friendly, helpful and, of course, we are all animal lovers so I'm going to be in good company.
There is just one major problem which I'm going to come up against - this is to not allow myself to bring home random animals who might be available for adoption...Mr Man has put me under strict orders to keep our home to just one dog - but we'll see ;-)

Wicked the musical...who's seen it?  What do you think? Could my kids see it?  More importantly, will it make me smile? :-) 

The show opens here on the 6th December and I'm thinking I might 'need' tickets. Bit pricey, but if it's as good as the reviews say then it will be an excellent show.  I do love a good Broadway musical :-)

If I understand correctly, it's kind of what happened in the land of Oz 'n' wizards before Dorothy arrived. It makes me think to a friend's wall post on Facebook recently...this very much made me giggle and smile ;-)

Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming...oh yes, the decorations are going up all around the city (all around the island actually).  The official light up day is 19th November.  Twinkling festive lights really do make me smile :-)

I love the whole coordinated Christmas tree and decoration thing, and asked my Mr Man for his opinion on my choice of 'orange, gold 'n' blue' for this year...a shrug of his shoulders - he never fails to make me smile :-) anyways, I'm taking that as an approval...

So, writing lists and I'll soon be on my way to Spotlight to buy blue 'n' orange ribbon 'n' tons more blue 'n' orange sparkling Christmas goodies.

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)

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