Thursday, 23 February 2012

sit-ups 'n' no alcohol...

Did you eat pancakes on Tuesday? I did, one perfect pancake, absolutely covered in Nutella 'n' golden syrup :-) yummy :-P

So, now we are in the period of many people will be giving up 'something' for these 40 days and 40 nights?  What will it be...?

In past years I've gone without a variety of things (mainly food) chocolate, cheese, coffee and wine (I did excellent with them all...except coffee and wine :-( This year I'm going for the BIG one... ALCOHOL in every form! yikes! Will I succeed, I don't know, I hope so!

As well as a heck of a lot of encouragement and will power, I decided I may be in need of a little incentive for completing this task.  My Mr Man asked what I might want...?  Well, I've had my ears focused on some beats by Dr Dre for a month now....


Aren't these just a perfect incentive :-)

So, whilst doing this crazy 'no alcohol' thing, I've also decided to up my exercise routine and hit the gym a bit more often...

I started on Tuesday with a run with 'my girl' Rhiaaaaaannnaaa (the iPod version;-)), the weather got too hot so I headed into the gym. I managed 3.5k in just over 20 mins, next 2k rowing. On Wednesday, just for extra pain, I did yoga class for 1 1/2 hours! The stretching yoga did do me a lot of good but 'damn that downward dog pose'! 'cos my arms 'n' shoulders are proper aching. Got to think pain no gain 'n' all that :-)

I'm off now to 'over-indulge' in exercise, facebook 'n' water...but I promise - no alcohol :-)

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

mia Bellabox 'n' that fabulous Potion...

I have been receiving BellaBox since it's launch in October 2011.  This monthly box of beauty goodies just keeps on getting more 'n' more beautiful and the items within more 'n' more exciting it does not fail to make me smile :-)

I've had my fave products and have purchased online from the Bella Shop (order while the product is in the current monthly box and postage is how fab is that :-))

My personal faves are...

During the last week I've see 'rave reviews' on various blogs and Facebook posts for Faust's Potions.  Yes, I'm going to dive in there and say I am loving 'n' smiling at this product too but with a slight twist on it's intended use...

I'm for sure not using this after partying 'n' drinking until the early hours!  For me, the 'Awake' potion has worked extremely successfully for those early school mornings with my boys, I'm calling it my 'energy potion' and the fact it tastes far better than 'red bull' is a fab bonus! ;-)

Also, the 'Sleep' potion has had 'some' success on me too.  I'm a terrible sleeper when my Mr Man is away on business so decided to try out this 'Sleep' potion.  I will say, it did not actually 'knock me out' and 'make me sleep' but I for sure did not feel as 'depressed' from lack of sleep as I normally would.  So, yes ladies, these here Faust's Potions are useful to us mothers 'n' wives who don't actually get out partying every weekend but need some 'Sleep 'n' Awake' time throwing our way too ;-)

Go on girls 'n' ladies order now while you can enjoy 'n' benefit from the 5 for the price of 4 Faust's @ Bellabox promo

Ah, mia Bellabox (the February edition)...

 How full of love it truly is xx

Here's some pics of what I got in my lovely box...

I am personally loving Ansley Cosmetics 3D shimmer & powder
and DKNY's Pure fragrance :-)

The Ansley powder gives excellent coverage
and the shimmer is perfect for giving just that right amount of glow ;-) 

DKNY's Pure is exactly what is says on the bottle, the scent is so very pure 'n' simple
I think it's absolutely perfect for everyday use.
Yes, in this crazy world we all need a little scent of calm :-)

Oh, how many days before mia Bellabox March edition arrives at my door?  I personlly can't wait :-)

If you've not already subscribed to this most beautiful box I recommend you click here now, I promise you'll be smiling that you did :-)

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)

Monday, 20 February 2012

Air Show, Breitling 'n' Bonifacio

My boys and I spent Sunday morning at the Singapore Air Show, lots of smiling, oooing 'n' aaring at the jets. Massive, massive set up at the Changi Exhibition Centre. The air displays were fab, here's a few sorry I didn't make a video recording would have loved to have shared the absolutely awesome jet noise with you!!

Also loving the control tower sponsored by Breitling ;-) Breitling 'n' vote for my 'creative' pic here...hey, if I win the contest I promise to name you all personally with links to your blogs or web sites!  xx ;-) merci et thx in advance guys 'n' girls.

Today it is our wonderful helper's Birthday and on Sunday evening we decided to treat her to dinner in a Philippine restaurant...Bonifacio. I was a bit unsure as to what food would be available, I am not really ambitious when it comes to trying new foods.  Heck, the only thing I know to be made in the Philippines is San Miguel ;-)  I was pleasantly surprised, here's a few pics with the names and ingredients...

from top left...inside the resto, pork bbq, beef kaldereta, Boni Halo-Halo,
leche flan, San Miguel, tsokoleit, pininyahong manok

kaldereta - stewed beef in tomato sauce with carrot and potato
Boni Halo-Halo - banana, nata, ube beans, sorbet
Leche flan - custard and caramel
Tsokoleit - chocolate and honeycomb cake
Pininyahong manok - chicken and pineapple with coconut cream

Personally, I would recommend the chicken and pineapple dish with garlic rice and of course a bottle of San Miguel yummy :-)

I'm off to the cinema now to catch the Iron Lady.

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Funny, clever 'n' very sexy...

Another movie to make my faves list is 'Friends with Benefits' :-) Yes, it is very, very similar to 'No Strings Attached' but in my opinion the very funny Woody Harrelson, the clever-ly arranged flash mob scenes and the very sexy Mila 'n' Justin make 'FWB' far, far better :-)

I saw the movie a while ago on a plane trip and really was laaaaarrrrfing out loud (much to the embarrassment of my Mr Man:-)).

The DVD I bought here in Singapore was, quite pleasantly and more surprisingly, not cut to pieces 'cos of censorship laws.  The very gay sports editor played by Woody Harrelson is too funny and, as it's set in my most favourite city in the world, New York, it really is a brill movie!  (anyone for beer 'n' tennis? ;-)

My Mr Man got back this weekend after having spent a full week away from Singapore.  Yes, he was away for Valentine's Day so, his 'very unromantic' gift was waiting for him on his return a Tefal Moulinette Blender? I know, I know, well I did say 'unromantic'...there is method in this madness, my Mr Man makes the yummiest hummus ever but since leaving France we've been without a blender to use. 

So, our Saturday afternoon/evening went something like this...

Me being excused in order to catch up on my week's sleep deprivation

Mr Man shopping for ingredients, Cold Storage @ Kallang Leisure Park

Mr Man making a Middle Eastern themed supper (recipe here...yummy)

me (eventually) waking up ready for drinks, food 'n' (delayed) V Day romance ;-)

Tomorrow is my wonderful helper's Birthday.  Tonight we are taking her out for dinner at a Filipino restaurant...she'll be introducing us to some Filipino of Bonifacio coming tomorrow.

Some other stuff coming soon... Champagne @ the Ritz and other Sunday brunches, 'mia bella' February BellaBox 'n' more on living, loving, laughing 'n' smiling in my beautiful Singapore.

Closing Time now for this post xx :-)

Kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)