Sunday, 19 February 2012

Funny, clever 'n' very sexy...

Another movie to make my faves list is 'Friends with Benefits' :-) Yes, it is very, very similar to 'No Strings Attached' but in my opinion the very funny Woody Harrelson, the clever-ly arranged flash mob scenes and the very sexy Mila 'n' Justin make 'FWB' far, far better :-)

I saw the movie a while ago on a plane trip and really was laaaaarrrrfing out loud (much to the embarrassment of my Mr Man:-)).

The DVD I bought here in Singapore was, quite pleasantly and more surprisingly, not cut to pieces 'cos of censorship laws.  The very gay sports editor played by Woody Harrelson is too funny and, as it's set in my most favourite city in the world, New York, it really is a brill movie!  (anyone for beer 'n' tennis? ;-)

My Mr Man got back this weekend after having spent a full week away from Singapore.  Yes, he was away for Valentine's Day so, his 'very unromantic' gift was waiting for him on his return a Tefal Moulinette Blender? I know, I know, well I did say 'unromantic'...there is method in this madness, my Mr Man makes the yummiest hummus ever but since leaving France we've been without a blender to use. 

So, our Saturday afternoon/evening went something like this...

Me being excused in order to catch up on my week's sleep deprivation

Mr Man shopping for ingredients, Cold Storage @ Kallang Leisure Park

Mr Man making a Middle Eastern themed supper (recipe here...yummy)

me (eventually) waking up ready for drinks, food 'n' (delayed) V Day romance ;-)

Tomorrow is my wonderful helper's Birthday.  Tonight we are taking her out for dinner at a Filipino restaurant...she'll be introducing us to some Filipino of Bonifacio coming tomorrow.

Some other stuff coming soon... Champagne @ the Ritz and other Sunday brunches, 'mia bella' February BellaBox 'n' more on living, loving, laughing 'n' smiling in my beautiful Singapore.

Closing Time now for this post xx :-)

Kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)

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