Friday, 3 February 2017

Why Kisses and Smiles?


I've been pondering with the idea of changing my blog name to something else for a good while now...but nothing made me sure enough to make the change.  Nothing was right to reflect me, my life and my blog.  Because of this, I got to thinking about why I chose my blog name Kisses and Smiles...

photo from ARTISBASIC who shares great tips on choosing a blog name

Why kisses n smiles?

I do (try to) smile all the time, honestly, it's a British thing!  In good and bad - smiling makes us and everyone around us feel a little happier.

I remember living in France and doing the school run with my 2 boys, I would smile at everyone (actually at the beginning this was my only means of communication - the French language and confidence to 'speak' coming later).  

It is an odd thing though, in England (through my experience) smiling is greeted by a smile but in my corner to the West of Paris (back then) this wasn't the case.  I do believe that quite a lot of those French Mamas would regard me as the 'smiling without cause Anglaise!' Lol πŸ˜‚ 

And with that, smiling in France as a #schoolrunmum brings me to the Kisses part of the blog name...

In France EVERYONE kisses!  Not THE French Kiss, of course (all of the time)!  But greetings are conducted in kisses with friendships and relationships counted in kisses!  Once, twice, four times and each time switching cheeks to 'faire la bise'.

Photo Credit : how to live in France

I lived in France for 9 years and boy did I rack up the biz entre amis 😘 

So when I sat pondering over names for my blog I looked back at my time in life so far and, one of the most significant times for me would be my time in France.  A wonderful experience, some cherished memories, lasting friendships made and of course some learning curves and stressful mountains climbed.

pondering over blog names xx :)

So that's why Kisses and Smiles 😘 😊 

I don't think I'll change my blog name anytime soon...what could I change it to?...MommyNeedsVodka has already been taken πŸ˜‚ (and she's one of my faves). 

So, given I still smile (through good and bad) and my left cheek dimple remembers those 'French' kisses too well I'm sticking to Kisses 'n' Smiles and I hope you stick with me.

From me with 
Kisses 'n' Smiles xx :)