Saturday, 14 January 2012

Wine Universe, Margarita's 'n' New Asia

I thought I would do a little blog on some Singapore restaurants 'n' bars which have been making me smile these last few days :-)

Marina Bay Sands viewed from 71st storey at New Asia

Boat Quay viewed from 71st Storey of New Asia

I met my Mr Man for lunch this week and he treated me to a lovely lunch.  Oenotheque by wine Universe on Millenia Walk (check the link to their website...)

We took their lunch time set menu...I took the soup of the day, which was parsnip, followed by pork served with garlic mash, to finish off a very yummy freshly prepared crème brûlée served with mini side dish of soooo chocolatey ice cream :-)

Service and their staff, setting, food and drink were excellent.  I would recommend you book a table as even the lunch time seating gets pretty busy with business guys 'n' gals.

New Asia

Friday was my parents-in-law's last night in Singapore so something very special was required.  We began the evening with sunset 'n' cocktails at my favourite - the New Asia Bar which is perched on the 71st floor of the Swissotel, The Stamford.  Absolutely breath-taking views of my beautiful Singapore and a Lychee Martini cocktail worth every S$+++ :-)  For dinner we chose Margarita's at Dempsey Hill and we were extremely pleased with our choice :-)  Most definitely need to book a table as it's a big fave especially at the weekend.  We booked for 8.30pm, arrived on the dot and the restaurant was packed and remained so up until us leaving 2 hours later.  The ambiance, decoration, food and drinks are highly recommend by me for any occasion...wonderful.  There is a downside to this location which is lack of taxis...none passing through and a real struggle to get one on call. 

This was my Margarita glass...
I so wanted to pop it in my bag 'n' bring it home! 
Where can I buy some?

The only problem with all this yummy, yummy food is that I need to get back into the gym next week to row 'n' run off a kilo or two...

Lastly, I mentioned in a previous post that Wicked the Musical was coming to Singapore.  Well, it's been here since the beginning of December and I've finally got around to booking tickets...very excited to be going see the musical and check out the Marina Bay Sands Theatre :-)

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Universal Studios Singapore 'n' getting some my time back

lots and lots of smiling at...

We have visited one time before for 'little boy's' Birthday so this visit was for 'big boy's' Birthday. Our day was chosen with precision and happily we got it just right so not much queueing at all :-)  Tickets booked on line and printed along with Universal Express passes...super easy and efficient. Be there for the gates to open, 'movie park' staff scan the 'print out' ticket and off you go, ready to enjoy your day filled with lots of fun.

My boys were really excited, and to be honest so was I, for our first go on the new Transformers ride. All we knew was that it is labelled as 'the ultimate 3D battle' so not really knowing what to expect made the experience even better.  After our fifth ride (!) we knew what was coming but the ride is still 'pretty damn awesome' :-) I've tried posting a you tube vid here I found on line but not sure it does it justice...if you get the chance take a trip to Universal and try it for yourself...I promise you will not be disappointed :-)

not me but I 'want' that calm ;-)

Ah...some well earned 'my time' :-)  Yes, yes, of course I love my kids to bits but to have them back to school is wonderful :-)  does it sound selfish to need regular 'my' time?  Maybe, but without some 'my' time I really would be insane!

So, this week we are back into the school routine day.  This means being washed, dressed, breakfasted and leaving the house by 8.15am...I'm back home and out walking my dog before 8.40am.  I love walking with my dog and listening my ipod, it is one of the most perfect 'my' times and a fab way to start the day. Off we go by the Kallang and Geylang River and along to the Gardens by the Bay which is super well kept and has amazing views across to the city.

I'm off now to transfer some ipad tunes onto my pc without erasing everything...viewing posts about this on the Internet seems to suggest that this is more difficult than it sounds...heck !

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)