Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Beautiful things 'n' love...actually

Love Actually...I've no doubt mentioned this movie before, but my Valentine's Day (and evening) alone 'sans mon mari' sparked a DVD and a glass of wine moment...ah, yes for a girl who loves a bit of a romantic comedy 'n' a few happy tears, a perfect moment was had :-)

Husband away on business or working late are a common aspect of Singapore life (yes, lots of other lives too...even beautiful Kate and Prince William were apart this Valentines).  I always 'try' to stay sane and positive when I'm alone and make endless lists of all that 'random stuff' I don't get around to normally. This time, I'm creating a fabulous bedroom make over for my boys :-) it's kind of tiring me out so I'm sleeping pas trop mal, actually.  I wonder if my Mr Man will notice that the 60 minute make over team (should have) been round?
who sleept in this messy unorganised room?
OK, so my self-set budget didn't stretch to interior designers!
but, plenty of 'housey' mags were flipped through.
I'm pretty pleased with the result... 

Last bits, a random selection of links making me smile :-)

ASOS yeah...they deliver free to Singapore :-)

Net a Porter lots of wish list beautiful things here :-)

The Tiger Mother I am actually admiring this woman...she is amazing, so too are her children :-)

and a few beautiful things I'm loving actually xx :-)

from top left clockwise...
Burberry wedge, February's Bellabox, Tiffany bracelet,
pink 'n' purple glitter nails,
Christian Louboutin 'snakey paint splatter' pumps,
arty cutie dog :-)

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)

Monday, 13 February 2012

Art Museum, Trattoria Lafiandra 'n' pretty pumps

The Singapore Art Museum made me smile this week :-) it's a bit crazy that I had not been to the Art museum yet but had the chance to help out with CIS Open Minds trip. Here's a few pics I took and would definitely recommend a visit ;-)

can laser lights be art?

The next pics are my favourite bit of the museum tour... The first pic is of an exhibit entitled 'Boom Box Liberty' looking at the pic for a while you'll start to see figures and objects (possibly a lady holding the French flag?)

So all the kids and teachers took sometime to share what they saw in the painting... When a second image was show to us all it was very comical to hear everyone go "oh yeah" and mostly "wow, really, it is". See the pic below to see what you think...I personally was quite amazed at the cleverness of the artist in the recent painting :-)

So, whilst visiting the SAM for the first time I spotted a lovely looking restaurant which seemed to be authentic Italian :-) Mr Man and I decided to give it a try and we did just that on Saturday night (our Valentines Day romantic meal xx) Krikey, we were very much smiling and will for sure be making this our special occasion restaurant...
Also, check out the menu at Trattoria Lafiandra's website and make that booking, you will not be disappointed.

Electric blue bits 'n' bobs have found their way into my wardrobes recently. I spotted these fabulously pretty pumps !!! and just had to have them. So, teamed up with my skinny jeans, checked shirt, white lacy vest I was almost set for our romantic authentic Italian dinner...this perfect Valentines Day necklace finished me off nicely :-)

So, it's that BellaBox time of the month again...and I know I'm going to 'love' opening my February box.

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)