Friday, 18 May 2012

Beautiful Surprises 'n' tiny diamonds...

I've had my box of Beautiful Surprises sat on my dressing table for quite some time now!  Well, not exactly just sat...I have been using the products and adoring the scent too ;-)

The VanityTrove April edition was another fab 'n' beautiful box...what did I get?

Braphy Lip Plumper - this little lip gloss totally made me comes with a tiny mirror attached especially for those who can't find their lips :-D  I laugh but yes, I can never put gloss or colour on without a mirror ;-)

is a cosmetic brand made in Taiwan

Braphy Eye Liner - I don't actually use 'much' eye make-up...but, I shall start and give this little liner a try.  It does seem easy to use and 'even I' should be able to make a pretty good job of applying it ;-)

Biotherm White D-Tox - apparently it shall give my face an instantly bright look...that promise alone is enough to make me smile ;-)  I've not actually used it yet but, will try it out and hope to report my brightness!  I'm not really into the whole whitening product thing - preferring a little colour in my cheeks actually ;-)

Style Aromatherapy Hair Moisturiser - now, this is my favourite ;-)  I have very long, very thick hair and it really isn't in the best condition due to chlorine, sun damage, heat damage (straighteners) and generally not getting it 'trimmed' often enough.  This product though is making my hair worth smiling about and I totally will be buying again and using my S$2.00 off voucher in Guardian...yay!  love it ;-)

Masego Safari Spa voucher and Cappu Spa Polish - I'm not really much of a spa kind of girl but may well have to make an exception for this!  The 'coffee scrub' smells divine ;-) and the texture is lovely.  Can I only buy this at the Spa?

Finally, but equally as 'beautiful' is the Filthy Farm Girl - Filthy Pussy Soap - I received mint-rose and really the scent is absolutely gorgeous.  I didn't put it to the test in the shower yet but if the scent alone is anything to go by it will be another fab product from VanityTrove.

I also have to share my B*Dazzle experience!  Whilst on a little coffee morning turned retail therapy day, my friend pointed out this store in both Wizma, Orchard Road and Raffles City Mall.  I became pretty excited ;-)  Previously I got the very top of my right ear pierced and over time it healed up...I've been wanting it re-doing again for years actually.  So, couldn't wait to jump in the seat and get this perfect tiny diamond 'popped' into my ear ;-)  smiling, smiling and not a single bit of pain afterwards.

Excellent service, quick and 'relatively' pain free ;-)  I was given 2 bottles of 'ear care solution' to use morning and evening to ensure the piercing is kept infection free.  Also a check up for a week later to be sure all is well.  Definitely made me smile ;-)

So, now I pack and get ready to leave for a romantic 'stay-cation' with Mr early Birthday treat.

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hair colour or is it color?...

So, do blondes have more fun, are brunettes boring or is there something to be said for 'the power of red' ?   Questions, questions, questions...well, I think Rihanna looks beautiful whatever her hair colour ;-)

I've been colouring my hair for as long as I can remember...actually even longer than that!  I find that colouring hair (in whichever country) is such an expensive pass time...and I hate the whole hair salon experience - you know...chit chat, tea, coffee, old 'n' v.worn magazines and 3 hours spent surrounded by buzzing hair dryers and smelly chemicals. 

Recently though I've been saving myself a heck of a lot of money, saving tons of time and smiling, smiling by doing the whole DIY hair dye thing ;-) I get my colours from Mr Moustaffa...I'm a tiny bit addicted to shopping at the Moustaffa Centre ;-)  The colour costs me around S$8 and takes a maximum of 1 hour (this includes putting on, leaving to develop, washing off and a conditioning treatment ;-) bargain with regard to money 'n' time !

Do we spell 'colour' or 'color'?
I guess it depends where you are from...

Just last week, little boy was writing a story and wrote the word 'color' I corrected him and said it has a 'u'...since though I've been wondering if he learns it in school as 'color'?  I'm going to have to go with accepting that either way is correct ;-) you say 'tomAATo' I say 'tomaRRto'...

BTW...I've recently started using Instagram and, although not fully aware of what I'm doing, I do seem to be succeeding and it's making me smile :-) I'm clare_victoria ...come to follow me.  I'm currently on with #photoadaymay and having fun with uploading pics using different effects ;-)

Me a bit Pop Arty ;-)

Something has got me smiling and a tiny bit excited this soon as I can I shall be facebook-ing, blogging and Instagram-ing about it ;-) until then...

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

Monday, 14 May 2012

The Museum @ Raffles Hotel, Singapore

Last week included a visit to the Museum @ Raffles Hotel

Now, here is something I had thought about visiting many times before...I had intended taking my Mum just last Christmas time but, as always, time flies by too quickly.  Anyway, finally got around to visiting with a friend and BA member...the Museum had been on her 'to do' list for quite sometime too.  Certainly worth a smile to be spending a day away from our usual 'Mum chores stuff' ;-)

Ah Teng's Bakery 7.30 am - 10.45 pm

The Museum is on the third floor of the Hotel.  As it doesn't open until 10.00am we took the opportunity to sample the coffee shop and bakery on the ground floor.  Very different setting to today's 'starbucks and coffee bean' cafés...lovely coffee and their breakfast selection of muffins and pastries was good too.

Of course, we chatted and chatted...that's what coffee shops are for, right?  We did then make it up to the stairs to the Museum...

The Museum is very interesting and beautifully set out. Free entry too!

My friend knew that most of the ancient Raffles items on display had been passed back to the Hotel after an international newspaper advert.  The advert was inviting anyone who had 'aquired' items from the Hotel to kindly allow these items to be used in the Museum.  Of course, many items had been 'borrowed' or 'aquired' so there was a fair amount of original pieces (including coffee cups, egg cups, toast racks...) 

One piece which made me smile was a silver egg cup which had been 'borrowed' by a gentleman celebrating his up and coming marriage...imagine, his 'stag do' had been a stay at Raffles Hotel ;-)

The ancient photographs were equally interesting...fancy dress balls, Charlie Chaplin and many famous guests with friends sharing breakfast in this luxury hotel.

Raffles Hotel, Beach Road, Singapore...
of course, with so much land reclamation it is no longer situated anywhere near the Beach ;-)

Out door bar/café...I would prefer to drink my Singapore Sling here ;-)

I know 'everyone' does the 'Singapore Sling' in the Long Bar but if I were to take a visitor to Raffles now, I would insist on a change!  A visit to the Hotel Museum followed by the Hotel gift shop situated on the ground floor, a drink (yes, ok 'Singapore Sling') at the outside bar/café and finally a wonder through the corridors leading to the main hotel lobby.

My friend and I then made our way to Raffles City shopping mall and Wheelock Place, Orchard Road for a spot of retail therapy ;-) That's a whole other blog post, coming later including my first time on a Singapore bus... ;-)

I'll leave you now as I dream of 'one day' staying in a suite at Raffles Hotel, Singapore ;-)

Presidential Suite, Raffles Hotel, Singapore..., maybe one day?!

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

(photography is not permitted in the Museum...the pics I use are via Google Images)