Thursday, 2 August 2012

Rocket Science with VanityTrove

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to be beautiful...all you need is VanityTrove in your corner ;-)

Just look at this amazing trove of 'beautiful surprises'...could the fabulous VT Team fit any more in that pretty box? I do not think so ;-)

August edition of VanityTrove

My favourites and what I'm going to be testing first are...:-

Morilins organic facial therapy mask for 'brightening and tightening'...I've said loads how much I love a face mask - 'my time' of 10-15 mins of hiding away allowing the mask to 'do it's work' ;-) ah, heaven!

Origins anti-ageing serum and anti-aging cleanser...Life puts the wrinkles in. Now nature helps take them out. ;-) love it! I'm actually 'seriously' concerned with my 'not so fine lines' time in 'dry' England didn't help (yep, the air is dry and drying, even though it's raining constantly! :-). So any one thing that can promise decreasing my creases gets a thumbs up from me. I'll let you know how I go, although the trial size is probably not enough to help me in my hour of need :-(

Neutrogena deep clean mulberry foaming scrub...I'd actually seen this in Her World as an advert and thought 'yep, I'd like to try that' I can! Don't you just love VanityTrove for being one step ahead ;-)

I'm not over excited by these:-

Scottish Fine Soaps body milk...the scent is a 'wee' bit grandma-ish ;-)

Oxypad oxygen sanitary pad...erm, I'll try it though :-/

Vita-C natural powder with an antioxidant and brightening effect...could be the odd translation issue from Chinese to English but I'm not 'entirely' sure how to use ;-) I'll give it a go and see what "10 minutes after degree elapsing it sleeps rightly" actually means :-D

not great translation :-D

What else is there:-

Majolica Mojorca eye reset gel...eye make-up remover,

Bioré...gel eye make-up remover,

Brands inner shine drinks x2 (grapeseed extract 50ml and prune essence 42ml) these tasty treats are promising youthful and radiant skin,

Skin79 super BB cream...whitening, wrinkle improvement and SPF25...yet another BB cream hits the stores ;-)

Sampar x3 products - poreless magic peel, equalising foam peel and 'glamour shot' Sampar Paris is currently getting loads of hype and of course I'm excited to give these a try ;-)


Erabelle erabrow design at $18 (u.p. $29) and free long lasting eyebrow pencil.

15% off at Erm, now I'm not sure...I've heard some bad reviews about Zalora but I shall give it a try as there are some v.pretty pumps I'm sure I 'need'...just hope the correct size is shipped to me and before they go out of fashion... ;-)

Well there you are go, all in all I am very happy with my August edition of VanityTrove ;-) if you'd like to subscribe and get your pretty paws on their September edition 'Fall in Love' go HERE NOW...xx ;-)

One last thing...Her World Singapore August edition has a feature which VanityTrove lovers or those wanting to learn more about VanityTrove may well be interested in...(page 251 to be exact xx ;-))

VanityTrove founders and the team are really doing a fabulous job xx ;-)

I'm off now to lock myself away from 'life' (for a little while) and do some serious testing and reviewing...will my 'not so excited by' products end up as my faves?

Do you subscribe to VanityTrove or any other beauty boxes? 

Which 'try before you buy' beauty boxes do you recommend?

What did you discover which has become your favourite beauty product?

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)