Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sentosa stay-cation...part 2

Did you already read 'Sentosa stay-cation part 1 ?

Such a perfect 'almost' Birthday weekend for me and Mr Man :-)

So, here is part 2 of that perfect weekend...

Now then where was I up to...Saturday, we had a morning relaxing by the beautiful pool (dark, almost black, tiles making it a very different look from the usual blue)...

Now then, I'm certainly not one to complain about drinking by the pool but when it's a margarita before for breakfast and 2 bottles (yes, 2 bottles) of Champagne before lunch even I begin to 'wonder'.  Anyway, each to their own...the guy obviously had something worth celebrating ;-)

The sound of Champagne corks popping made us decide to get ourselves a bottle...we took The Sentosa Hotel 'shuttle bus' across the Sentosa Gateway and right to VivoCity Mall.

I'd never checked out the Mall on the inside (I actually think it looks very ugly from the outside) BUT inside the stores are fab, lots of choice and my usual favourites...Sephora, Madame Butterfly, M&S, Esprit etc.. etc..

So, Champagne in hand we took the shuttle bus back up to the Hotel and enjoyed a lovely afternoon celebrating my 'almost' Birthday and enjoying some well earned 'alone' time ;-)

Evening arrived and we took advantage of the Sentosa shuttle into Resorts World Sentosa.  I was 'craving' a giant burger from Chili's but when we arrived the Q was way too long so Mr Man suggested Hard Rock Café ;-)  Fabulous ! 

After margaritas, mojitos, giant yummy burgers and excellent music
we decided to 'stick our noses' inside the Casino...

Oh Gosh !  The Casino really did NOT make me smile :-( way too much money being lost, way too many sad faces with shocked eyes and not one bit of it made me want to 'have a go'.  I'm definitely not a gambling type of girlie ;-)

Sunday morning...
breakfast at Starbucks, a peek at the Merlion, walk in the Hotel gardens,
bags packed and off back to Singapore to our boys :-)

Fabulous, perfect 'n' wonderful weekend !

Thank you Mr Man xx

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

VanityTrove 'n' my new 'best friend'...

Ooh la la, my VanityTrove June edition arrived chez moi last week :-)

Sooooo much to smile about with this edition :-) absolutely loving everything right down to the colour of the packaging...such a 'lovely' summery sky blue.

So, here's my beautiful surprises:-) description, review by me 'n', most importantly, what made me smile :-)

Erabelle, Dirty Works, Enavose, Kao, Ettusais, Body Shop, Act Q Patch

Erabelle therapy mask - mizu-fairness - after thoroughly cleansing face *"pop" on this 'well-fitting' mask.  This Erabelle mask promises to 'restore glow', improve fairness and texture and leave you with velvety smooth skin.

Actually, the mask is very 'well-fitting' :-) I'm not much into the improving fairness but velvety smooth skin, now yes, that really does make me smile :-) as does the 'glow restoration' ;-)  Yes, love it!  Erabelle is a spa in Bugis, not tried it but their website looks pretty impressive ;-) spa Singapore

KAO essential shampoo - now this shampoo and conditioner promises to moisturise, repair and strengthen my hair...sounds fab :-)

I've not actually given this the trial run yet but these are such a great size that I will be packing them into my bag for my summer hols ;-)  (so, review of these perfect little beauties to follow...)

Ettusais BB mineral cream -  this BB cream will help to hide those (nasty looking) open pores, even out skin tone AND give you a rosy glow (as VT's Victoria says 'got to love a BB cream' :-))

I have to admit here that I'm still discovering the wonders of BB cream!  I will say though, Ettusais BB cream does exactly what it says on the 'tin' ;-) fabulous coverage and rosy glow!

Dirty Works body scrub - work a big handful onto damp skin, gently massage in circular movements, rinse and have some 'good clean fun!!!' ;-)

Last of my trials 'n' reviews is 'my new best friend' :-)  yes, Dirty Works body scrub was my absolute favourite in this VanityTrove June edition ;-)  Not just a smile but a great big beaming grin from me :-))  BTW Dirty Works hails from the UK so how could I possibly not love it !

For sure, I will be using my VanityTrove 'subscriber' status and taking full advantage of their collaboration with

Tonight will be my first time inside the Singapore Indoor Stadium ! I'll be singing, dancing 'n' witnessing the 'Born This Way Ball' as Miss Lady Gaga performs her second night (of three) here in Singapore :-) whooooooop whooooop 'so much more than' excited !

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)

Hey Beautiful !  If you too want to be a VanityTrove subscriber see their website full of Beautiful Surprises HERE xx :-) and you can get subscribed in time for the next edition...

*pop - a word I use in place of 'put' xx :-)