Tuesday, 29 May 2012

VanityTrove 'n' my new 'best friend'...

Ooh la la, my VanityTrove June edition arrived chez moi last week :-)


Sooooo much to smile about with this edition :-) absolutely loving everything right down to the colour of the packaging...such a 'lovely' summery sky blue.

So, here's my beautiful surprises:-) description, review by me 'n', most importantly, what made me smile :-)

Erabelle, Dirty Works, Enavose, Kao, Ettusais, Body Shop, Act Q Patch

Erabelle therapy mask - mizu-fairness - after thoroughly cleansing face *"pop" on this 'well-fitting' mask.  This Erabelle mask promises to 'restore glow', improve fairness and texture and leave you with velvety smooth skin.

Actually, the mask is very 'well-fitting' :-) I'm not much into the improving fairness but velvety smooth skin, now yes, that really does make me smile :-) as does the 'glow restoration' ;-)  Yes, love it!  Erabelle is a spa in Bugis, not tried it but their website looks pretty impressive ;-) spa Singapore

KAO essential shampoo - now this shampoo and conditioner promises to moisturise, repair and strengthen my hair...sounds fab :-)

I've not actually given this the trial run yet but these are such a great size that I will be packing them into my bag for my summer hols ;-)  (so, review of these perfect little beauties to follow...)

Ettusais BB mineral cream -  this BB cream will help to hide those (nasty looking) open pores, even out skin tone AND give you a rosy glow (as VT's Victoria says 'got to love a BB cream' :-))

I have to admit here that I'm still discovering the wonders of BB cream!  I will say though, Ettusais BB cream does exactly what it says on the 'tin' ;-) fabulous coverage and rosy glow!

Dirty Works body scrub - work a big handful onto damp skin, gently massage in circular movements, rinse and have some 'good clean fun!!!' ;-)

Last of my trials 'n' reviews is 'my new best friend' :-)  yes, Dirty Works body scrub was my absolute favourite in this VanityTrove June edition ;-)  Not just a smile but a great big beaming grin from me :-))  BTW Dirty Works hails from the UK so how could I possibly not love it !

For sure, I will be using my VanityTrove 'subscriber' status and taking full advantage of their collaboration with GlamoGirl.com

Tonight will be my first time inside the Singapore Indoor Stadium ! I'll be singing, dancing 'n' witnessing the 'Born This Way Ball' as Miss Lady Gaga performs her second night (of three) here in Singapore :-) whooooooop whooooop 'so much more than' excited !

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)

Hey Beautiful !  If you too want to be a VanityTrove subscriber see their website full of Beautiful Surprises HERE xx :-) and you can get subscribed in time for the next edition...

*pop - a word I use in place of 'put' xx :-)

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