Wednesday, 23 May 2012

a little cooler today...

The past few days have been 'summer' in Singapore...the temperatures have been around 34° with humidity hitting 89% !

This kind of weather is absolutely draining!  Imagine breathing in and no 'fresh' air getting into your lungs.  Don't get me wrong, here in Singapore we don't have pollution so it's not like Beijing, Hong Kong or Shanghai but it's the humidity which is absolutely stifling :-(

Not very pleasant really...I can't think why we put up with it?

not my pic...I most certainly did not get up at 4am
with my camera !
Google images...saves the day !

Anyway, this morning at around 4am I was woke by the sound of a thunder storm :-)  Yes, a smile even for the 4am wake up call!  Now, I love my sleep as much as the next girly but this current weather has really needed the storm and today, as expected, the weather is pleasantly cooler.

So, yes, I did wake too early was extremely tired and to add to the mix had a tooth ache this Wednesday morning!  Can the day improve?  It most certainly did...

After taking the boys to school I returned to walk with Mr Dog ;-)  We took a lovely walk into the Gardens by the Bay ('almost' as far as the Marina Barrage).  With the weather pretty cool, the rain 'drizzeling' and the gardens looking positively tropically green, my morning became fab :-)  a Buddleja bush alive with butterflies made me smile too :-)

Back home, showered and smiling, I set to with paper 3 of my PA course, got that finished (now awaiting results) and started a little research for an exciting on line project.

It's nice to have the weather a little cooler, have a little more energy which the humidity has been draining away and finally 'breath' again :-)

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

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  1. Must indeed have been the storm waking us up at 4am to have us decide both to do a blog about the weather :-) Love your posting, looks like a nice walk you had with MrDog!