Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sentosa stay-cation...part 1

This month I will 'kind of' celebrate my Birthday...I say 'kind of' because, to be honest, Birthdays after my 30th have become somewhat nasty experiences!  I hated being 30 and am actually very 'forgetfull' about how old I actually am ;-)

Mr Man, who is quite often away on business, is actually away for my Birthday 'day' so I managed to make him feel v.guilty and made a list of 'possible' gifts ;-)

On the list, I included a weekend away (just me and Mr Man)...which would be time off for good behaviour as a Mum and much needed alone time for me and Mr Man ;-)


We booked into The Sentosa (a Beaufort Hotel) using Hotels.com.  Just one thing to bear in mind...if you are driving over and have a reservation on Sentosa then you can show the confirmation email and the $6 entrance fee at the Sentosa Gateway is wavered.  I didn't realise this until too late :-(

I arrived at check in time on Friday, 3pm, and Mr Man due to finish work later that afternoon.  After unpacking and smiling my way around the 'Junior Suite' :-) I opened the doors leading to our terrace/garden...  Perfectly quiet and calm, just me 'n' my book ('n' a tiny bit of iPad) and the birds singing in the trees...oh, and the occasional peacock cry.

Peacock welcome @ The Sentosa

The Hotel was very quiet on Friday evening.  We had aperitifs at the The Pavilion...

After sunset we headed over to The Cliff restaurant but found this 'way' too expensive...quite obviously the price includes the amazing view but still we weren't 'that' hungry!  So instead we ate at the hotel's main restaurant The Terrace...very nice menu, service ok but so quiet the place lacked atmosphere.

Saturday, we decided to sample the 'expensive' buffet breakfast at the hotel.  Fruit, muesli, fresh juice, patisseries, Asian and American style breakfasts.  Very nice but 'way' over priced.  The service wasn't fabulous and we were not allowed to sit on the tables over looking the pool as this 'section' was 'closed'!  We didn't do breakfast there on the Sunday preferring to make the extra distance to Starbucks and sit where we pleased ;-)

So, at The Sentosa breakfast we finished our coffee and paid S$80 for the 2 of us...I know, I almost fell off my chair!...we took the wooden stairs from the pool area down to the beach.

Ah, what a perfect view...certainly made me smile :-)  I couldn't resist whipping off my sandals and paddling in the South China Sea ;-) perfect start to the day.  We walked over the suspension bridge to the 'tiny' island and again marvelled at the spectacular views...quite a rarity but we had blue sky for most of the day.

Saturday continued perfectly, including Champagne on our private terrace, Hard Rock Café and a peek into the Casino @ Resorts World...but I shall make that 'Sentosa stay-cation part 2' ! 'cos this is getting a bit long now ;-)

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)


  1. What a great idea to spend a lovely weekend just the two of you! Will pass this idea on to my mrGuzzi ... my birthday is still a long way away though. :-)

  2. Looks lovely Clare Well Jel, :0) xx

    Karla xx