Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Flawless Beauty - April Bellabox

April Bellabox has arrived ;-)

The beautiful pink packaging makes me smile every month ;-) 

Again, as with every month in the beautiful box I find 5, yes 5 super samples for me to try out...

Enavose H2Osis Black Tea Quench Mask - already tried 'n' loved...I have tiny obsession with face masks ;-)  this can help skin retain a higher level of hydration, leaving it soft, supple and radiant.  Exactly what I needed during my trip to Australia trip to Adelaide and lack of humidity post HERE(I shall be investing in this ready for future trips to Oz...needed in Europe too - dry, flakey skin not very attractive!)

Kinohimitsu BB drink x 2 - already tried 'n' tasted...I actually like the flavour ;-) it promises to 'visibly perk up your skin from head to toe and restore it's more vibrant glow'.  First time uses are advised to take 1 bottle a day for 6 consecutive days, to maintain 'the look' continue with 1 bottle every 3 days.

Benefit Cosmetics 'Hello Flowless' liquid foundation - already tried, loved 'n' purchased ;-)  I really don't know how the Bellabox team do it but the colour I received is a perfect match for it's available in 9 shades, the girls' have done good, thx xx ;-)

Moa the green balm - not yet tried's Green, it's a balm, it's 100% natural and it's a miracle!  Use to nourish and renew dry, itchy skin and, apparently, works wonders on cold sores.

Lemongrass House shower gel 'lavender' - tried 'n' tested...I actually used half of the bottle in a 'bubble bath' ;-) love the scent, very relaxing.  I had recently been told of Lemongrass House and their products, my yoga class teacher used a lovely scented spray the other week...yes, I will be making a visit to my local Lemongrass House store to use my $5 gift voucher ;-)

In a previous month I received a Savior Fair lipstick 'miss you'...I love it ;-)  the very special packaging makes me smile too ;-)  Anyway, I have just placed an order for a Savior Fair concealer from the Bellabox website...I'll tell you how it is as soon as it arrives...

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

spring is in the air ... 'n' frizzy hair...

Spring officially started on the 20th March...the clocks moved forward in the UK 'spring forward' I remember my Mum telling me years ago so I would remember!  and I have...thx Mum ;-)

The clocks changing makes the time difference one hour less between there and Singapore...which makes quite a difference for whatever inexplicable reason - one hour closer to family 'n' friends?...maybe?

So in the UK my Mum's garden is beginning to look a lot like Spring ;-)
I adore Spring flowers, tulips, daffodils 'n' hyacinths ;-) 

Here though in Singapore (this season-less tropical island) Spring is not exactly in the air...for the trained eye of a Singaporean he may say I am wrong - he'd be a brave man! ;-)  Me though, I feel the weather getting hotter and humidity playing havoc with my hair!  (right now we are at 33° with 71% humidity).  I am swimming everyday...excellent exercise yes, washing my hair everyday...not good - I have however stopped blow drying my hair!  I've had enough of 'sweating' at the dressing table, getting my hair perfectly straight only to head out the door and end up with a frizzy mess! :-( 

I'm using these products for 'frizzy and rebelious' hair...
to be honest not impressed with the result :-(

Still smiling though :-) if all I have to bother about is a little frizzy hair,
life really is not so bad in Singapore ;-)

Come my Summer hols in UK and I'll be moaning my hair is way too dried out...can't win !

I just had to leave you with this pic of a little doggy...
doing a google search in 'images" for frizzy I saw this
...makes me smile ;-)

BTW...if anyone has a secret to keeping their hair 'sleek 'n' shiny' rather than 'frizzy 'n' fluffy' please share ;-) Thx xx

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

Monday, 23 April 2012

Clinique tried 'n' trusted faves...

Last week I made a trip to 'the city'...actually Centrepoint on Orchard Road!  I'm not a massive fan of Orchard Road but needs must from time to time ;-)

shopping paradise...Orchard Road

First stop in Centrepoint was the Clinique counter in Robinsons!  I've used Clinique products for about 17/18!  I've not actually purchased anything for myself for ages...everything recent has been gifted.  Clinique have a special art of putting together bonus gift packs which look fab...who doesn't love a little freebie box of beautiful mini sized goodies?  How happy was I when I arrived at the Clinique counter to see they had such an offer, this involved making a certain 'spend' on their products in order to receive a fab gift box full of goodies ;-)  Definitely something to smile at there ;-)

Oh yes, I made the 'certain spend' amount and received my box of goodies (plus a lovely lipgloss too...more smiles ;-))

So, here's what I purchased...

Repairwear laser focus -
apply 3 to 4 drops twice per day and...
in just 4 weeks see striking improvements to fine lines.
I'll let you know my feelings on this in around 4 weeks ;-)

I do like the packaging, easy to use dropper and the feeling of smoothness after applying.  I'm a little afraid to smile in case I get more smiley fine lines!!

All about eyes...
promises to diminish the look of dark circles, shadows, puffs and lines

I have been using this product (on and off) for a good few years.  I now promise myself to use it every single day.  I first received this product in a free gift pack, golly, years and years ago.  I love the texture as I apply and after application this feels fab and smooth and in just days I see a huge difference to the dark marks under my sleepy eyes ;-)

I almost purchased a face mask...I love using face masks, especially to scare my boys - or more make them laugh ;-)  Luckily though, the Clinique girl advised me there was a sample of the mask I fancied in the gift box and suggest I try it first to see if I like...saleswoman done good!! ;-) 

Here's what was in my gift box of mini sized goodies...

Take the day off makeup remover, turnaround instant facial,
moisture surge face spray, moisture surge extended thirst relief,
all about eyes (rich), 7 day scrub cream, repairwear laser focus mini
AND long last glosswear 'air kiss' xx

The Clinique girl really took her time and explained how and when to use each product which I found very helpful and efficient.  I'm especially excited to use the turnaround instant facial (mask)...excited to use a face mask? yeah, I love them ;-)

So, I leave you as I head to the bathroom to apply 'n' try my "turnaround instant facial" of this and April Bellabox up tomorrow ;-)

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

Garnier goodies...

A week or so ago I picked up some goodies by Garnier from my local Gardian Pharmacy...

What brought on these Garnier purchases was a little mention in Mel's blog HERE.  I saw this PureActive ExfoBrusher/face wash and thought 'I need one of those'!  Of course, I was a little concerned I would not find one here in Singapore so did a quick search on the 'world that is the web' ;-)  Smiling, smiling that I actually found another blog from a girl in Malaysia who had recently picked up this 'exfo brush' thingy here in Singapore!  Yeah, off to Gardian to grab one...

I have not been disappointed and really like the clean feeling and the fragrance is very good too.  I actually made the mistake of using it prior to wetting my face the first couple of times and did not get a great result but after reading the instructions I did as advised which fully wet your face, squeeze a small amount onto the brush and then scrub away (not to hard though).  Lathers up perfectly and leaves my face thoroughly washed and clean.  I love the massage feeling the rubber brush thingy gives you...very nice ;-)

The other items I purchased were the light BB cream.  Coverage is wonderful and feels very 'light' to wear...I've tried so many make ups and totally hate the feeling that some of them give me which is 'like I am wearing make-up!'  This BB cream actually makes me feel 'all natural' ;-)

The eye roll concealer is wonderful too...again, the coverage is great and the little roller ball makes application so easy and just the right amount is used.

All in all, very happy with my Garnier goodies ;-)

I'm off now to take some pics of my April Bellabox...I've already fallen in love with 2 of the products and this month's box is definitely up there with my faves ;-) pics 'n' review to follow...

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)