Monday, 23 April 2012

Clinique tried 'n' trusted faves...

Last week I made a trip to 'the city'...actually Centrepoint on Orchard Road!  I'm not a massive fan of Orchard Road but needs must from time to time ;-)

shopping paradise...Orchard Road

First stop in Centrepoint was the Clinique counter in Robinsons!  I've used Clinique products for about 17/18!  I've not actually purchased anything for myself for ages...everything recent has been gifted.  Clinique have a special art of putting together bonus gift packs which look fab...who doesn't love a little freebie box of beautiful mini sized goodies?  How happy was I when I arrived at the Clinique counter to see they had such an offer, this involved making a certain 'spend' on their products in order to receive a fab gift box full of goodies ;-)  Definitely something to smile at there ;-)

Oh yes, I made the 'certain spend' amount and received my box of goodies (plus a lovely lipgloss too...more smiles ;-))

So, here's what I purchased...

Repairwear laser focus -
apply 3 to 4 drops twice per day and...
in just 4 weeks see striking improvements to fine lines.
I'll let you know my feelings on this in around 4 weeks ;-)

I do like the packaging, easy to use dropper and the feeling of smoothness after applying.  I'm a little afraid to smile in case I get more smiley fine lines!!

All about eyes...
promises to diminish the look of dark circles, shadows, puffs and lines

I have been using this product (on and off) for a good few years.  I now promise myself to use it every single day.  I first received this product in a free gift pack, golly, years and years ago.  I love the texture as I apply and after application this feels fab and smooth and in just days I see a huge difference to the dark marks under my sleepy eyes ;-)

I almost purchased a face mask...I love using face masks, especially to scare my boys - or more make them laugh ;-)  Luckily though, the Clinique girl advised me there was a sample of the mask I fancied in the gift box and suggest I try it first to see if I like...saleswoman done good!! ;-) 

Here's what was in my gift box of mini sized goodies...

Take the day off makeup remover, turnaround instant facial,
moisture surge face spray, moisture surge extended thirst relief,
all about eyes (rich), 7 day scrub cream, repairwear laser focus mini
AND long last glosswear 'air kiss' xx

The Clinique girl really took her time and explained how and when to use each product which I found very helpful and efficient.  I'm especially excited to use the turnaround instant facial (mask)...excited to use a face mask? yeah, I love them ;-)

So, I leave you as I head to the bathroom to apply 'n' try my "turnaround instant facial" of this and April Bellabox up tomorrow ;-)

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

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