Wednesday, 25 April 2012

spring is in the air ... 'n' frizzy hair...

Spring officially started on the 20th March...the clocks moved forward in the UK 'spring forward' I remember my Mum telling me years ago so I would remember!  and I have...thx Mum ;-)

The clocks changing makes the time difference one hour less between there and Singapore...which makes quite a difference for whatever inexplicable reason - one hour closer to family 'n' friends?...maybe?

So in the UK my Mum's garden is beginning to look a lot like Spring ;-)
I adore Spring flowers, tulips, daffodils 'n' hyacinths ;-) 

Here though in Singapore (this season-less tropical island) Spring is not exactly in the air...for the trained eye of a Singaporean he may say I am wrong - he'd be a brave man! ;-)  Me though, I feel the weather getting hotter and humidity playing havoc with my hair!  (right now we are at 33° with 71% humidity).  I am swimming everyday...excellent exercise yes, washing my hair everyday...not good - I have however stopped blow drying my hair!  I've had enough of 'sweating' at the dressing table, getting my hair perfectly straight only to head out the door and end up with a frizzy mess! :-( 

I'm using these products for 'frizzy and rebelious' hair...
to be honest not impressed with the result :-(

Still smiling though :-) if all I have to bother about is a little frizzy hair,
life really is not so bad in Singapore ;-)

Come my Summer hols in UK and I'll be moaning my hair is way too dried out...can't win !

I just had to leave you with this pic of a little doggy...
doing a google search in 'images" for frizzy I saw this
...makes me smile ;-)

BTW...if anyone has a secret to keeping their hair 'sleek 'n' shiny' rather than 'frizzy 'n' fluffy' please share ;-) Thx xx

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

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  1. Clare! You can't moan about it bring hot and humid! Shall I trade you?? I would embrace the frizz & get some curl serum or alternatively have a Brazilian blow dry, they're supposed to be amazing, straight hair for months! Or adpot the super high messy bun trend, I love it!