Tuesday, 31 January 2012

fabulous furniture 'n' terrible Thai...

I recently had a very nice compliment on my blog from homeimpress followed up with an email and a link to a Portuguese furniture manufacturer. Here's the link and a couple of photos of their designs...http://www.bocadolobo.com/

Very nice designs and if only I had some space I would for sure be making an order. Fabulous, fabulous furniture. I'd be extremely happy with a product or two in my home :-)

Terrible Thai in a flash...

Has anyone had a good meal or good experience at Thai Express I would be extremely happy to hear about it.  Or indeed, if you work there and would like to prove me incredibly wrong :-)

The Thai Express I attempted to dine at was in Kallang Leisure Park. We made an order of appetisers, soup (as entree), four main meals and three drinks. First to arrive was my Mr Man's main meal, followed by only two of the three drinks. Next up came yet two more main meals along with appetisers. I was getting annoyed and my boys were not enjoying their meals. My main meal arrived...red curry chicken, but wowzers, how very hot and spicy that was 'n' way too spicy to be tasty nice. Finally my Mr Man and I received our Tom Ka Gai...again, krikey me far, far too spicy hot to taste of anything nice.

Thoroughly disappointed and very much not smiling at my Thai Express experience. We tried it but will not be returning! 

I will add that I love Thai food and just the other day took my family to Sukhothai at their restaurant on Boat Quay...excellent food, lovely, lovely :-)

Sukhothai on Boat Quay, Singapore
lovely, lovely food...highly recommended :-)

I'm planning a blog about my family's trip to Australia and will be giving tons of info on some Singapore Sunday brunches :-)

Kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)