Friday, 23 December 2011

airport, happy tears 'n' Christmas movies....

I've said before that I'm a 'proper girly-girl' 'n' I love a romantic comedy :-) one of my faves is 'love actually'...I love the beginning with the airport scene...hugs, tears, kisses 'n' smiles. Well this last week I've been there acting out those airport scene.

My parents arrived...I was anxiously looking out for them and managed a few tears even before I saw them :'-) well, needless to say, on actually seeing them I was very emotional...a 'proper' good happy cry makes me smile :-)
Next to arrive from Manchester were my parents-in-law and Mr Man being soooo busy at work couldn't make the airport collection so I was sending SMS updates and getting anxious 'n' emotional on his behalf. 

So now we are all family together here in Singapore 'n' preparing 'n' getting excited for Christmas in this beautiful city...

We'll be having some good family times, days out and some proper Christmas movies.  A few from our viewing list are 'polar express', 'the snowman' and 'jingle all the way'. 

So, what will you be watching this Christmas hols?  No UK television for us so we are a little bit disappointed to be missing the Dr Who Christmas Special :-(

I'm off now to paint snowflakes on my nails, mix some margarita 'n' listen Cliff @ Christmas ;-)

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

Sunday, 18 December 2011

chaos that works in Vietnam...

Yes, I'm still smiling in Vietnam and I've discovered there is order to this crazy chaos! Actually, the easiest way to cross the road is 'just walk' the motor bikes, rickshaws, taxis, cars and buses will dodge as they 'do' anticipate you will walk out!  Here's a video took from the terrace of a very nice restaurant...

So, yes I'm still alive after crossing many streets in Ho Chi Minh City :-) here are a few pics of my adventures...

complimentary fruit in a little boat

Old Colonial Majestic Hotel 'n' new modern Financial Centre

ice delivery - no ice trucks here!

the ice delivery guy

Communist Party Headquarters

Notre Dame

Mostly, I've been drinking and occasionally eating... I did ask my Mr Man what Vietnamese food was...he told me 'dog' and someone else told me 'snake'! Therefore I found it best to stick to a liquid diet ;-)  lime margaritas, ginger 'n' lemongrass martini, white wine 'n' a little drop of champagne, nice ;-)

We did treat ourselves to a lovely, lovely brunch at the Intercontinental Hotel... Seafood 'n' desserts to die for, never ending Veuve Clicquot Champagne :-) I don't need to eat again until Wednesday ;-)

oysters 'n' vodka shots ;-)

Off now to catch the plane back to Singapore...

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)