Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter in Adelaide...

G'day!  Yeah, I'm back to my usual layout with pics included...

I've actually hijacked Mr Man's laptop...although this is a little difficult to use, it has the English keyboard!  Funny really, 'cos I was a touch typist in my 'previous life' in UK for 7 years (using the English keyboard)...but, in France I purchased a Dell laptop with French keyboard, this took some getting used to initially, now though is so normal.  Makes me think of driving on the left as opposed to the right...difficult to begin with but then just becomes the norm'.  I remember in my early days in France I went around a round about the wrong way...luckily not a busy road ;-)

Anyway, back to my Easter holiday in Adelaide :-)  Me, Mr Man 'n' my 2 boys are having a fun time.  The weather is pleasantly cooler compared to Singapore (although I have complained a little as I am having to wear 2 jumpers and a big scarf...16 degrees C...yikes)

Despite the chill  in the air the sky is a perfect blue and yesterday at the seaside in Glenelg we had a lovely day.  A tram ride from the City, very easy and efficient service, ride to the end of the line which took us to the sea front at Moseley Square. 

very pretty marina@Glenelg
So, here's a few pics of bits 'n' bobs which have been making me smile (up 'til now) during this Easter break...


Botanical Gardens

Adelaide Zoo

playing on the beach xx ;-)

Today is Easter Sunday...Happy Easter!  I'm off to a 'rather posh' hotel for Easter lunch where my boys have been promised an appearance from the Easter Bunny 'n' lots of yummy chocolate ;-)

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)