Thursday, 26 July 2012

The great British summer...

When I organised my 'summer' vacation I intended having just 3 weeks in the UK but when I started planning I realised I 'simply' would not fit everyone in.  So, a little change and an added week was 'simply' necessary! :-) It's a good job that I did...the time whizzes by and there really is never enough hours in the days.

My schedule has been planned, re-planned and all in all BUSY but FUN, FUN, FUN :-)

It's been an eventful 4 weeks...driving, shopping, Geocaching, buying apartment, furnishing apartment, hair appointment, meals out, drinks out, family, friends and all in all a 'right lot' of fabulous fun :-)

Bolton Abbey Station, Jerry & Ben's Holiday Cottages,
floods in the North Yorkshire roads x 2, Bizzie Lizzies Fish & Chips x 2,
Bienvenue to Yorkshire ;-) Bolton Abbey windows

just a few of my best bits xx ;-)
Girlie night in Skipton, Craven Arms in Appletreewick, Geocaching in Skipton,
Waterfall in the forest in Malham, Cliffton Park in Rotherham x 2,
my window ledge in Skipton, Skipton canal (view from Aagrah),
Malham Harry Potter style ;-)

So, on Sunday I said goodbye to my beautiful Yorkshire and 20 hours later I was saying good evening on Monday as I got back to Singapore with my boys...well, to say we were sad to leave is a major understatement! Though, it goes (almost) without saying that we were 'proper' excited and happy to see Mr Man/Daddy and Mr Dog xx

I hate of those things I never, ever get used to! Always loads of tears :-( it really never gets any easier! It's kind of like 'pay back' for having such a fun time.


Sometimes you have to just hold your head up high,
blink away the tears and say,
Goodbye xx ;-)


We'll be having visitors to us but when will we be back in the UK?... Maybe Easter, maybe summer but which ever more than 6 months away...

Still, I'm actually ready to leave this cold, damp and often depressing grey weather of Yorkshire. The tropical-ness of Singapore is my preferred climate ;-)

Heck, I'm feeling quite emotional :-/ but as my blog description says..."good days, bad days, happy days 'n' sad days but hey, always smiley days".

For everyone finishing off their fabulous fun times visiting 'home' and are on their way back to their 'other life'...."don't be sad, spread your wings and fly" :-) xxx

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

I want to add...
...that Britain experienced it's most wet summer since records began!
...and the Goodbye poem was found on Google Images it so made me cry that I 'simply' had to use it.