Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Adelaide pics 'n' Singapore humidity...

I'm back in my beautiful Singapore having returned from Australia.

Here's a few picks from my last few days in Adelaide...

Of course, we did the mandatory tourist stuff....
feeding the kangaroos and waking up the sleepy koalas ;-)

We did manage a visit to a vineyard...Napenthe
and I will post about the tasting experience in a later post ;-)

I've got a couple of moans about being in Oz and leaving Singapore.... Firstly, the dry-ness of it's climate played havoc with my skin :-( I'm pretty sure my skin prefers the Singapore humidity....I had to make a few moisture product purchases ;-)

Secondly, I ate way to much! I'm a little bit weight obsessed...and getting back from hols I really did have to be brave before setting foot on the weight scales :-(

If anyone thought it impossible to put 3.5kg (7.7lb) on in just 9 days then I have totally proved them wrong :-( now weighing almost 57kg I feel extremely enormous :-(

Easter break with all those chocolate eggs is over...time to give up on the chocolate (again) and get fit 'n' looking positively fab for summer ;-) yes, yes I agree, easier said than done, but, I'm going to give it a go...

"Let's get ******* skinny!"

So, I've decided no more cheating and using the car for little trips... I'm walking and/or taking the MRT...I promise to keep it up ;-)

My inspiration is coming from these pics from Rihanna's Facebook page...



isn't she stunningly beautiful and her body is sooooo fabulous ;-)
I'll be buying a white bikini as soon as I get such a toned bod
(yeah, yeah we all can dream! ;-))
So, after the dry skin incident in Oz, I thought I should get regular facials but, these facials are way too pricey.  I decided to treat my skin to some wonderful potions...

Next post to include my trip to the Astalift store and a cheeky buy with gift from Clinique ;-)) AND reviews on some Garnier goodies inspired by Mel's recent purchase SEE HERE April BellaBox has just arrived :-)) yeah!

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

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  1. Welcome back! :-) I must admit the humidity in Singapore also suits me better. The dry air in Belgium made me look like a snake ready to cast off its skin ... moisture was not enough, how much I tried. It reminded me of the years in Moscow, where moisturizer was a must have in any woman's handbag...see you soon , XxxEvelyn