Wednesday, 2 May 2012

experience Singapore - 3 nights, 2 days...

In around 2 weeks we have Mr Man's best friend stopping over with us whilst he's here on business...I love planning 'stuff' and have been smiling since I heard he was coming :-)  As with all visitors, we want him to see and experience Singapore...I started making a list of places to go and things to do and then decided I had better ask 'best friend' if he had any ideas of 'must see' places...

Please, no!  Not the Long Bar in Raffles!

Oh yes, I've been there 'n' done that...sipped the Singapore Sling and ate the cherry with a 'cheeky smile' ;-)  But really, the novelty has worn off and really it's just THE most over priced tourist attraction Singapore has to offer!  Luckily, 'best friend' did not have this on his list :-)

China this does make me smile :-)  Singapore is so 'international' it's quite a shame that a lot of the island has lost it's roots.  Happily though, there are still some areas that make us appreciate we are actually in Asia after all ;-)

My planning is complete (although a few question marks to allow 'best friend' a little choice ;-)) Here's what is planned;

Friday evening;
Dinner at our apartment with drinks on the balcony and a good chat and catch up...smiling 'n' laughing for sure ;-)

China town ... temples and general walk around the area,
City Gallery ... interesting place and an air con break from the heat my City Gallery post HERE
Club Street for lunch ... most probably a nice little Italian and a glass or 2 of rosé wine,
New Asia bar for cocktails and sunset,
stroll through Chijmes,
Boat Quay for dinner ... most probably Thai with a jug of Tiger Beer,

Botanical gardens ... as early as possible to enjoy it before the heat gets unbearable ;-)
Drive by where we lived prior to children and take in some Black & Whites in the Tanglin area,
Mr Man's office for the fantastic view,
Marina Square food court for lunch,
Stroll around the Marina Bay Sands and area.

'Best friend' will then be heading off to his hotel close to his work but we are hoping, if he has a free evening, then we can fit in the Night Safari!  So much to see and so little time...I'll be sure to get 'feedback' on this 3 nights, 2 days Singapore experience and tell you how it was ;-)

Yesterday was May 1st...labour day holiday here and opening day of Marvel's The Avengers.  We intended seeing the movie in the afternoon but everyone had the same idea and it was way too busy.  We did catch the movie at 7pm last night and really, really enjoyed it...excellent ;-)

Whilst near the cinema for the failed attempt at viewing the movie in the afternoon,
we stopped off for lunch.
I had Ebi curry set and will definitely be having it again...too yummy ;-)

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

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