Monday, 7 May 2012

Astalift - Singapore 'n' Paris

I recently discovered Astalift with thanks to VanityTrove, and their pretty packaged and beautiful scented products have been making me smile ever since.

Early post re VanityTrove 'n' Astalift workshop...HERE

I've loved trying out all of the Astalift products and liked everything so much that I decided to discover the Astalift 'flagship' store in The Centrepoint on Orchard Road, Singapore...oh, and buy a couple of bits 'n' bobs ;-)

I was looked after in store by Xue Fen who helped me choose just the right products for me.  I was lucky enough to have a 20% discount card (given to me at the workshop) so this was a great excuse to splash out a bit on some fab products.  After purchase I was invited to try out the 2 collagen drinks...honestly, I was not really 'into' this kind of thing but appreciated the trial.  On trying, I was quite surprised and actually liked the flavour.  I've got a couple of bottles in the fridge still to drink and do think I see a difference so am thinking of making a purchase...anyone who knows me personally will know I joke about me enjoying a 'liquid diet' :-D so these suit me fine ;-)

My Beauty Adviser, Xue Fen, also did a skin analysis for me...I was not too shocked by the results 'losing elasticity' and 'a little dull' - yes, yes, I'm over 30 so these things happen ;-)  Luckily though, Astalift 'seem' to have everything I need to help with this...the smile lines may yet disappear ;-)

The Astalift store in Singapore is nothing too special from the outside so I am sharing with you these photographs of their very 'chic' looking store in Paris, France...

Pics courtesy of my French friend P, merci ;-) 

French friend didn't get the opportunity to 'trial some testers' from the Paris store so I've sent her some goodies from the Astalift and VanityTrove girls here in Singapore...I'll get her thoughts on these products and post about these later - I hope she enjoys them as much as I did ;-)

Now then, does Astalift exist in the UK...more particularly, 'up t' North'?  I'm hoping to find out via my blogging inspiration Mel ;-)

I'm off now to think about 'colour -v- color' ... and 'blondes having fun' -v- 'the power of red'

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

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