Friday, 16 March 2012

A Master Plan that is Singapore...

No fashion or beauty brands in this post...just 'my wonderful Singapore'...

Last weekend we visited the Singapore City Gallery @ the URA Centre. The Gallery shows an amazing 'Singapour miniature' in past, present 'n' future. Most definitely a must visit place...

How Singapore has changed in such a little time is absolutely amazing...

Marina Bay area

Tanjong Rhu

from Fishing town and it's incredibly dirty River to this most fabulous city it is today :-)

Singapura 1960 (ish)

Singapore 2010 (ish)

By seeing the vision of Mr Lee Kuan Yew Singapore follows the 'Master Plan' and Singapore can only keep amazing the world and staying one of the most desirable places to 'live, work 'n' play' :-) Well, I'm certainly 'loving' it and Singapore never fails to make me smile :-)

I went to the City Gallery with my 3 boys and we were truly blown away by the attention to detail of the Island and all it's structures as well as the changing landscape of Singapore in the last 30 years. Amazing :-) .... We certainly will be adding this place to our visitors 'must see' list.  A walk around the area taking in Club Street and China Square really rounded the 'touristy' morning off ;-)  Here's a few pics (I did go extremely snap happy but have kept the pics posted here to a minimum ;-)

OK, ok, so I did say no 'brands' in this post but...tomorrow will see me again frequenting the Reebonz Space thanks to the lovely Camy @ Vanity Trove ;-) I have an invite to 'discover' all that is Astalift - the Japanese label created by Fujifilm...reminds me to charge my Nikon and get some fabulous blog photos :-) I will not forget my camera this time around ;-)

Yes, yes, blog update and post about 'all that is Astalift' coming v.soon ;-)

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

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  1. lovin this blog, look forward to seeing the master plan next time I am in Singapore