Sunday, 15 January 2012

wonderful, wonderful Wicked of Oz

Absolutely fabulous :-) My boys, my Mr Man 'n' I sooooo enjoyed Wicked the Musical at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre...

Of course, in true 'me style' we were 'running' (quite literally) late. A quick dash through the Marina Bay Sands, dodging folk through the Shoppes and finally, breathlessly collecting our pre-booked tickets from the box office. In very not 'like me style', everything went smoothly with collection and we got to our seats with 10 minutes to spare...phew :-)

I love a show and especially a musical and was very much not disappointed by was wicked ! :-) the story worked great, and linked straight into the original Oz movie. Those of my readers in Singapore, I say "go catch it while you got the chance"!  Before booking tickets I was unsure of the suitability for my kids, but, my boys aged 8 and 10 years totally enjoyed it :-) :-)

Marina Bay Sands...the resort, the complex, the experience...whatever you call it! Really is so out of this world...I'm calling it 'Dubai-esque' :-) fabulously over the top in grandeur 'n' spendeur!  fab :-)

I'm off now to eat some French cheese with, fresh out of the oven, bread and drink a glass of Argentinian Wine :-) SPCA 'n' gym tomorrow ;-)

Kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)

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