Saturday, 21 January 2012

skinny 'n' smiling with braces...

Orthodontic braces - not exactly a 'smiley' (or 'kissy') topic but just something that's 'me' right now and a topic I want to spring out there like an orthodontic elastic band :-D.

Oh, this certainly won't be everyones cup a tea but anyone who's ever had braces or currently has braces or is thinking of getting on...this might just make you smile xx :-)

not the best quality pic...sorry but since
getting my braces I 'don't do teeth smiles :-/

If I had not decided myself to get braces fitted, believe me, I would be 'blinking' annoyed at whoever did suggest them.

Anyways, for the last 8 months I've been supporting wires in my gob :-)  My reason for this, which will no doubt sound incredibly vain, is that my teeth are around 4mm off centre! Yep, 4 or 5mm off to my left.

Terrible agony in the first few days.   Awful pain in the first weeks and, to top it all off, each month (after getting the wires tightened) the pain is awfully bad for a day or so (and the cost is mounting up and up).  I can strongly recommend Ibuprofen (for those that can tolerate this medication), I was in severe pain and thoroughly miserable with 'gob ache' but luckily my cousin and a friend gave me the 'heads up' about using an anti-inflammatory drug. I really don't know how I managed without it...actually, honestly, I did not manage without it. 

Ah yes, it better had be worth it!
I'd love 'Malinda Gordon' teeth...
even the little centre gap ;-)

So, braces fitted on my top teeth (in France) and the following month we arrive in Singapore. My new found best friend Dr Choo decided the braces were fitted in a way she would or could not work with! Ok Mrs Dr Choo, so let's have these French styled wires off, next we'll extract 2, yes 2, teeth and get the more superior Singaporean styled braces fitted top AND bottom.

Without being too damn gory on detail, I developed alveolar osteitis which is commonly known as dry socket.  This is excruciatingly painful.  With my Mr Man away :-( my lack of sleep and tears dripping off my nose end :,-( I took myself into emergency at my clinic and had the 'dry socket' cleaned out, this involved lots of scraping noises (I hear those noises in my nightmares!)  Forty minutes later 'Mr' Dr Choo had finished and sent me off home with some 'extremely' strong pain killers and the instructions to rest.   Extra instructions were no food for 48 hours and only luke warm water in small sips for the next 24 hours.
Let's get ******* skinny !

Which is where the link in this blog moves to getting skinny.  Healing did take a little while and soon enough the novelty of eating jelly (the wobble on a plate kind not 'jam') does wear out.  No more can I bite into an apple let alone snack on a cheeky bar of chocolate ;-)  Prior to braces I weighed 61kg, today, I'm a little less than 54kg.  I do still eat (of course!) but the constant teeth brushing and tooth picking really does make the eating more trouble than it's worth.

Twelve more months of braces, tooth picks 'n' mouth wash. I know (truly hope) my teeth will look great when the braces are off.  It does go without saying...I'm definitely not complaining about the weight loss in fact, I'm positively 'smiling'  at my size 8 bottom :-)

Next up, smiling at my beautiful January Bellabox and loving the CNY sales...

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)

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  1. what a story... but it will all pass and you will see how soon you will have the perfect teeth ...just smile and be brave