Monday, 10 October 2011

What made me smile today...?

This morning started with a tropical storm.  Rain absolutely 'siling it darn'!  I drove my boys to school and was reminded what a privilege it is to have a car here in Singapore - passing the queues of people all waiting (in no particular orderley fashion) for those 'rare' taxis.  I did feel for the people as I was reminded of the time I was without a car...My boys were at summer camp, we took a taxi to school intending to get another taxi to get myself home.  Then the rain came!  I started to call a taxi with no success, began to walk in the direction of home with the intention of flagging down a taxi - again with no success!  I got to the point of no return (!) having walked so far that to get a taxi would be just silly.  Therefore I had walked around 5km, in the rain, chuntering to myself and questioning 'why we did not have the car'!  I still had to smile that day - I couldn't help to think the exercise would have done wonders for my 'arse' :-)

Of course, as tropical storms do, this morning's blew itself out and by lunch time we had 32 degrees with blue sky.  Very nice!

I also smiled at a website of handmade and vintage items (one of a kind items).  They sell some lovely pieces.  I love their handmade jewelry section and had to be very strict with myself to not order (at least not today).  Lovely, lovely items.

Since hearing about the Glossybox in the UK, I have been waiting for the Bellabox to be launched in Singapore.  Finally, Bellabox was a go go on the 1st October!  Today my payment has gone through and posting will begin tomorrow.  I shall post and review when it arrives - I soooo hope I am not disappointed...!
Supermarket!  No-one smiles at the supermarket?  But me, this morning I went to the supermarket with my helper Aileen.  I had to smile at how fast we were finished and how much less I spend when she is with me.  I do not feel the need or rather am not tempted to pick up anything other than what is on the list.  While at the supermarket I smiled at a baby holding a Dragon Fruit - the baby was absolutely fascinated by it...Dragon Fruits really are unusual looking things - although, if I remember rightly they are not too impressive on the inside (taste wise).  I shall buy one and let my boys review it... 

This evening, after dinner, I snuggled up on the settee with my boys.  Last night we watched a double episode of Dr Who 'The Family of Blood' (their choice) so, this time, it was my choice.  My favourite, favourite Dr Who of all time is 'Blink' or 'Weeping Angels'.  It's got the right amount of scary in for the boys and I love the super storyline.  My only grumble is that 'Blink' is a 'Doctor-Lite' episode!  But anyway here is a pic of my favourite Dr Who - David Tennant...just look at that smile ;-)

Putting David Tennant aside now....Lastly I must mention I have only two more sleeps until my husband is home.  He's been away on business in China since the middle of last week :-(  I so totally missed him during last weekend.  The weekend previous, we had spent a romantic night away on Sentosa - we had a lovely, lovely time.  More about Sentosa tomorrow after I upload and (of course) edit my pics.

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

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