Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Sunshine 'n' smiles on a rainy day...

Rain, rain go away... Today, has been so wet and grey (North of England weather).  I was rained in at the MRT station with no umbrella.  The wind was blowing, the rain was lashing at my bare legs and sleeveless arms, bit chilly was the rain, so I found the outside vent of an air con unit was pleasantly warm ;-) of course I had to smile at myself being huddled there, keeping warm and dry.

Tropical storms...they seem to come out of the blue (sky), or so I thought.  Just yesterday, listening to the radio in the car the weather guys announced a storm 'a brewing' "expect heavy rain and localised flooding between 8.35 am and 9.50 am" they said.  Sure enough at exactly the time predicted 'the heavens opened'.  We British love to moan, groan and generally converse about the weather! ;-)

So, from rain to sunshine....I've found a great garden/plant store near the boys' school and have decided to have a 'grow' with sunflower seeds.  Sunflowers are my favourite, favourite flowers they look like big smiley faces ;-) really hoping they grow up nice and out for photos of my little seeds a growing!

Recently here in Singapore the papers, radio stations and tv news have been talking about an ad down on Orchard Road.  Apparently, someone, decided this ad was 'too much' for the Singapore audience and it has therefore been suspended.  It now seems it is in the process of being taken away.  However, it caused such a stir that everyone was either on the Internet desperate to see it or heading down to Orchard Road catching a glimpse before it disappeared!  I so totally had to smile (and giggle a bit) today as a Singapore news station questioned "if it was in fact a planned publicity stunt?"!  Of course, it doesn't take a genius to work out that it more than likely was planned to attract attention - bravo to their marketing team ;-)  I dare not post it here (I don't want suspending!) but my link may take you down there...what do you think?  Not a bad body, hey?

Lastly, SHOES, a girl's best friend ;-)  I smiled while reading a magazine today...a 'self-confessed' shoe addict states "I feel inadequate without my shoes".  Erm...well, I love shoes but would not go quite that far ;-)  I do though, feel extremely happy stepping out in my Jimmy Choo shoes and I do actually clean the soles when I arrive home :-D  Don't we all have strange addictions?  Shoe addiction makes me think of a couple of my fave movies Confessions of a shopaholic and The Devil wears Prada ;-))

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

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  1. I am very very jealous of your Choo's! How can the weather men get it so right in Singapore and so wrong here!