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Discover Beauty with Vanity Trove

I recently told you about the changes at Vanity Trove.... My recent post about the new VT concept...

How the Beautiful Surprises of Vanity Trove have now been transformed into a wonderful platform to Discover Beauty.  Yeah, such a fabulous concept idea...now you can 'choose your own' samples as and when you like and discover the beautiful things in life for yourself.  Add to that it's delivered with care and speed and all your goodies come inside the most glamorous of boxes xx :-) Ah, yes, I'm loving it!!

Here, now, I'm going to post in more detail exactly what I chose from my sample choices, the cost and what I think about the products I received.

Box number 1...
...At $25.00 with a chance to choose 7 items.  I chose:-

 Kérastase Elixier Ultime - a versatile beautifying oil suitable for all hair types.  Hair is nourished, protected and enhanced leaving it feeling light, soft and supple with incredible shine.  3ml sample

Huiji Fruity Lite - A fruity tea that can aid weight loss.  15g sample (I received 2 packs)

Touch in SOL toc toc toning capsule base - a primer product that promises to smooth, soothe and moisturise to create a perfect base for your BB or CC.  There's moisture gel with pearly capsules to brighten and define, crystal powder to conceal fine lines and/or wrinkles.  5 ml sample

Touch in Sol In the Skin Renovation BB Cream - another BB cream on the market with SPF 36 PA++.  I love BB creams and will try them until the cows come home... :-) 5 ml sample

Enavose - Black Tea Quench Mask - Provides moisture to deeply hydrate and replenish skin with nutrients and vitality.  15 ml sample

Enavose - 1st Line Alpine Edelweiss Foam Cleanser - Creamy foam texture lifts impurities and reloads moisture for a refreshing wash.  30 ml sample

Enavose - 1st Line Alpine Edelweiss Dew - Nourishing essence that hydrates refreshes and enriches skin.  30 ml sample

So, there is the list of 7 items I chose.  But there's bonus items thrown in too...I got :-

Herborist Whitening & Revitalizing Mask.  30g sample

La Roche Posay 50+SPF Melt-in Cream.  2ml sample

Skin 79 Super+ BB Cream.  2ml sample

All in all, an excellent box full of goodies I had either tried before and loved or really wanted to try.  My faves are the Enavose collection and I'll enjoy having this Swiss made product in my daily routine.

Box number 2...
...At $25.00 with a chance to choose 7 items.  I chose :-

Love More - Japanese Soy Milk Enzyme Moisturising & Smoothing mask - this mask promises to rapidly help improve skin clarity and fight against aging.  1 mask

Nuxe - Fondant Cleansing Gel - suitable for normal to combination sensitive skin for cleansing and removing makeup from face and eyes.  15ml sample

Nuxe - Gentle Toning Lotion - for normal to dry sensitive skin

Heliocare sun protection gel 50 SPF - 5ml sample

Avancé Eye Makeup Remover - Works instantly to remove even resistant or waterproof eye make up.

Cyber Colors Ex Volume Waterproof Mascara - promises to create big eyes that won't get smudged ;-) 8g sample

SpectraBan Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin - an anti-UVA & UVB, PA++ SPF30 and it's waterproof.  20g sample.

My bonus goodies were :-

Kérastase Elixir Ultime and

Huiji Fruity Delight slimming tea.

All in all very happy with my second box and particularly looking forward to trying the Love More mask and seeing if the Cyber Colors Mascara really is waterproof and smudge-less :-)

So, now I come to box number 3.  I mentioned in my earlier post about the changes to VT which meant I had some Vanity Tab points/dollars stacked up and, these do have an expiry date.  So, I was left with $15.00 to spend.  Luckily I spotted a special Trove for guys and thought I'd order this to check out what Vanity Trove were offering the gorgeous boys of Singapore...

To start, the box design is perhaps a little more masculine (colour and overture are different).  What's inside this 'Vanity Trove - Men's Folio Edition'?...

GATSBY products - 6 Gatsby products to be exact...

Facial Paper - removes oiliness and dirt on-the-go.  Removes stickiness from the face and prevents acne spots.  5 wipes sample size pack

Deodorant Body Paper - Ice-Type - There's no English on the pack but I'm guessing they are deodorant wipes that are another on-the-go product and ideal for your guy to slip in his bag for those quick fretting up moments when the Singapore heat gets a little too sweaty :-) 3 wipes sample size pack

Facial Wash (actually 3 different facial washes) -

...Nano Million Scrub - Ultra Pore Cleanser that unclogs pores with micro beads.  50g

...Perfect Scrub - for shire free and smooth skin, it promises to thoroughly remove oil and dirt.  50g

...Acne Care Foam - reduces oil and skin's redness and kills acne causing bacteria.  50g

Super Hard Hair Styling Gel - a super-strong and super-lasting hair gel - it says it's non-sticky, long lasting for a hard look and is resistant to perspiration and humidity.

Alright, OK, not going to be trying out the GATSBY 'guys Trove' myself but I think it makes it a pretty nice gift or is ideal for your Mr Man's business trip.  I'll probably let my eldest son loose in the box of GATSBY products...he's still at that age where a wash or shower seems like a really unlikely event (yep, he's obviously not old enough to notice girls yet :-))

Check out the Beauty Profiles of the VT beauties...

Course, after you've Discovered Beauty in this way you then have to get involved in the social side of Vanity Trove...this means logging on to your beauty profile, updating your beauty table, reviewing your products and adding one or 2 items to your wish list.  I'm simply loving the concept, enjoying getting involved and the absolute indulgence of receiving a box of beauty goodies is a sure fire way of making your day xx :-)

Sign up here..Discover Beauty for you...

See my beauty profile and add me to your 'follow list' here...Clare Victoria - VT Beauty Profile...You can simply make your own Beauty Profile by logging on to VT with Facebook (and you don't need to be a subscriber to add your favourite products, review and tell the world your must haves to a beautiful you xx :-)

Go on Discover Beauty with Vanity Trove, what lady doesn't deserve some serious pampering in her life xx :-)

kisses n smiles from me xx :-)

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