Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Too Cool For School

Not sure about being too cool for school...I'm most certainly too old for school!  Never was much of a fan of school anyways...

Blah, blah, blah....get to the point!!  So, to my surprise I received an invitation to participate in the celebrations to mark the opening of the first 'too cool for school' store in singapore xx :-)

Who and what store?  

Too cool for school is the unique cosmetic brand introduced in year 2009 as a division of TODACOSA. The brand image reflects the originality, experimentation, artistic sensibilities and the fresh, rebellious sprit of those in their teens, twenties, and thirties. 

Starting off in a store along with other brands (perhaps a little like the Sephora of Korea) it took off so well and went down like a 'no school snow day' (for those who have never experienced this 'no school snow day' excitement....believe me, it's pretty darn cool and even the teachers are jumping for joy!  

Anyways the store owned brand went down so well, and everyone who tried it loved it, that it branched out and became a whole brand and store of its own. I've read from a few blogs that a number of bloggers go shopping to Korea and come back loaded up with the too cool for school goodies.

The first and only 'Too Cool For School' store in Singapore is now situated at Far East Plaza on Scott's road (honestly not an ideal location...the store looks way too good to be in such an out of way plaza). I hope their second store will be a little more conveniently placed.  

Still, I headed down there and met up with some lovely beauty bloggers who I'd not seen for some time.  We all agreed the store is pretty cute and adorably quirky.  Their range of products are endless and there really is something for everyone.  I actually thought I'd find nothing but cutesy stuff that only the teenage audience would like, but no!  I'm in love with their mass of makeup products especially the choice of eye makeup (creamy textures and sparkling shades), there's lovely shades of blush/highlighter and I'm loving the primer sun screen SPF 50.

Here's some pics I took at the event...sooooo adorable xx :-)

I didn't buy anything on the evening...to be honest the store was pretty crowded but I will head down there again and grab myself some gorgeous goodies.  Watch out for a review of what I bought as and when I've dome some serious testing xx :-)

kisses n smiles from me xx :-)

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