Thursday, 24 January 2013

SPCA Singapore 'n' animal love

Here is something I am totally passionate about...

Ok, it's true I can be passionate about any given subject for a short time but this one, SPCA Singapore, really has got me 'hooked' and I totally support their efforts to rid Singapore of animal abuse, animal neglect and all in all general animal ignorance.

I've actually been a volunteer with the SPCA, on and off for 3 years.  My most recent role as Shelter Receptionist has seen me there for 1 year +.  I love the help I provide, the advice I offer, the lost and found pets I, happily, reunite with their owners.  I get to meet a mix of people from many different cultures and backgrounds, this makes for an interesting time and always enjoyable time at the Shelter.

My family has a gorgeous Mr Dog, we adopted him from the SPCA equivalent in France.  I've come across some wonderful dogs and cats at the shelter here in Singapore and, to be honest, have to be very firm with myself about adopting 'everything'.  I'm often a 'softy' and avoid going into the actual shelter for fear I will fall in love with another Mr or Ms Dog!

I've not been 100% 'good' on the 'do not bring anything home' front...I have adopted 2 absolutely fabulous girls in the shape of gerbils.  I love them to bits, so entertaining and ask no questions of me other than, more peanuts, more cardboard to chew and a some fresh water to drink please.  Their entertainment value is them to bits.

Here's a little bit of info from the SPCA Singapore website:-

The SPCA is not a government agency, it relies on donations from supporters to continue their important role as animal protector.

Over $2,000,000 annually is required to carry out their animal welfare work.

SPCA Singapore receive approximately 600 pets and stray animals every month, this figure includes around 90 lost dogs who are checked for microchips and then advertised in the local press in an effort to reunite with their owners.

SPCA Singapore face a daily battle in their fight against animal abuse, not everyone is an animal lover and it truly takes a special person who can care for and love a pet for that pet's entire life.  Adopt don't buy and only adopt if you truly believe your whole family can handle the commitment of being a pet owner.

Righty, got that off my chest....

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)

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