Wednesday, 15 May 2013

too many drafts, finally posting something 'n' a little Satay by the Bay

Oh my stars!  This poor little blog of mine has suffered lately...I owe it an apology, I have to say sorry for the shameful neglect.

Today I logged into this little blog and noticed I had posts in draft (all unfinished works!)  Why, oh why and how had this happened!?  Oh, I know!  A few exciting projects were thrown my way add to that some actual cash (yes, earning money!  This housewife and mother can finally say she's a writer :-))

Just one of the many, many articles I've written in the last year

 A messy work station is a productive work station...

yes, that's me an actual 'writer' :-)

I have to say though I missed my blog and my general ramblings of 'blog-iness' was not what would earn me my style changed a little and I became someone else - more of a 'Victoria' than a 'Clare Victoria'.  Oh, yes loads of fun and any opportunities to write for cash in the future will be so gratefully accepted (hint, hint, wink, wink...not so subtly hey! :-D ) but, as said...I missed and felt guilty for my blog!

Now, starting as I truly do mean to go on...Life in Singapore, living in Singapore, existing in Singapore and, of course, what makes me smile in and around my Life in Singapore.


Gardens by the Bay is definitely making me smile :-) add to that the new Satay by the Bay and we have an eating and drinking destination just a short cycle ride away.  Good food, nice atmosphere and some very nice views of the Marina Barrage, Marina Bay area and City skyline.

POOL UPGRADING ....why you drag on so long?

What no pool!

Without our swimming pool for the past 5 months not only have our weekends been 'dry' but my thighs have become a lot less toned!  This pool renovation seems to have dragged on and on and the noise levels are crazy stupid and then there's the dust!!  Not much to smile about there, but the end is in sight...I do believe!


Mr Enzo Dog writes his story

I cannot finish without mentioning a book I've just finished reading...'The Art of Racing in the Rain'.  Wrote from a dog's perspective, gifted to me by my Mr Man (how he knows me so well!)  Funny, it had me laughing out load and there were moments of feeling a little sad too.

Anyone who simply adores dogs and truly believes they do in fact have an inner voice should read this book.

My absolute favourite quote by Mr Enzo Dog!

"I have a number of favourite actors...
one being Mr George Cluny,
that's because he looks a little like me around the eyes" 

So, finally posting something 
and hitting the 'Publish' button hurrrrahhh :-)

with Kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)

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