Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Orchard Road, braces (again) 'n' Abercrombie men...

this post contains photos of 'shirtless' men...
if this kind of thing offends you then please DO NOT continue!


Every 6 weeks I have to make a trip down to Orchard Road.  It's not for the luxury of a facial, mani, pedi or massive shopping, it's for the necessity of getting my braces tightened :-(

This always involves pushing and pulling of my teeth and wires get tightened...and yes, pain for the next couple of days until my teeth get used to the idea of being pulled into another position.

Elastic bands...rabbit, fox or impala ;-) I'm on with rabbit at the moment and will be shortly moving to the smaller and tighter impala bands.  Ooooo, how much fun!  Even more fun and games is when my elastic bands spring off...they've been known to show up in the car, on the settee and in bed ;-)

So, Orchard Road on a Saturday...not the most pleasant of places actually.  I know some people would be in their element 'all those stores 'n' malls' but me, I complain about the traffic then the crowds of people. 

shops, shops 'n' more shops

Last Saturday, Mr Man came along with me to get his teeth checked out too (oh, he has near perfect teeth and never needs anything doing).  We arrived at Orchard Road quite early for the appointment so Mr Man suggested we take a look in the Abercrombie & Fitch store...

Of course, I'd heard about the store in New York - set up like a club with model like guys wondering around 'shirt-less'...

At the door of the Singapore store there are 2 pretty good looking guys but alas they wear shirts.  Arriving at the store Mr Man informed me that Singapore does not allow the guys to be 'shirt-less'...imagine my surprise and giddiness when we walked inside and were greeted by these guys...

well, not exactly these very guys but a very similar version ;-)
krikey, golly, gosh ;-)

Needless to say, Mr Man is still laughing at the look on my face and the giddiness of me! ;-)  Krikey, I really did not know where to look ;-)

The store is way too dark, I'll be taking a torch if I seriously want to make a purchase.  The music is so loud it is impossible to think straight and decide which colour or indeed what size you would want!  Yeah, yeah, I agree it probably is a generation thing.

yes, it really is this dark inside ;-?

I'm off now to Esprit 'n' Zara which have very bright lighting (lol) :-)

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

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