Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter holiday 'n' Cadbury's eggs...

Right now I'm on holiday with Mr Man and my 2 boys :-) its Easter holiday break from school. Please excuse my layout issue and lack of photos but keeping the blog updated via my iPad is a little more complicated than it should be! Where are we? Well, I have been here to this country and city before but my little family was even 'littler' back then! So, when we were here in Adelaide almost 9 years ago it was just me and Mr Man with my biggest boy...oh, I was carrying a little baby bump too, with little boy being due into the world 3 months later...;-) Flying to Adelaide with Qantas and, of course, flying out of Singapore from Changi was a good experience all round. Qantas, pretty good...although economy class through the night is never a 'wonderful' experience this was not too 'nasty'. My boys slept fairly well, no rowdy folks onboard to disturb us all, I managed to see a movie and good coffee served close to landing just to give that caffeine boast needed to deal with any airport chaos! Anything to declare? Actually, yes, I'd like to declare that your sniffer dogs are extremely gorgeous and I have 2 chocolate Easter eggs in my luggage ;-) ah yes, food is not readily permitted into Australia but declaring the goodies, if those goodies are pretty standard items 'usually' sees you ushered through customs. I think the customs guy actually thought I was crazy given the Cadbury eggs were no doubt imported to Singapore from Australia in the first place! Ah well, sure my boys will be smiling come Easter Sunday ;-) Happy Easter break to everyone 'n' enjoy all the Easter fun. kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

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