Saturday, 31 March 2012

one year part 1 - 'Au revoir la France'...

I really surprised myself last week...someone asked how long I'd been in Singapore...I thought a second "is it really almost one year?"  Where the heck has that time whizzed off to?

Of course, I immediately started planning a blog post (in my head) incorporating my feelings 'n' thoughts about events from one year ago.  So, here is a few pics along with my memories from my last days in France 'when 7 years ended...finally'

boxes, boxes 'n' more boxes

bags 'n' boxes

container filling...taking my home across the seas to Asia

I still have a shiver at seeing this container - I'd been to the hotel with my Mum to drop off the baggage, we came around the corner back to the apartment in Noisy to see this...gosh, I was emotional :,-(

'the baggages'
after 'some confusion' as to how 'little me' would get my 8 items of baggage,
2 boys and myself to the airport,
I finally get stuck with a taxi driver (who didn't help load the things),
2 very emotional boys and a very emotional me :,-( 

the champagne in the lounge helped ease the trauma of the situation ;-)

I'd been so wrapped up in the packing 'n' organising, which is moving continent, that it really did only 'hit' me at the last moment that I (well we) were 'leaving France' forever...

I'd done the goodbyes to special people ;-) (but sadly didn't take enough pics, damn!)

my last weekend in France :-(
heck, I look shocking

I'd cried at the drop of a hat for a week or so...but nothing prepared me for the actual day...

Gosh, I had no idea how emotional it would all be!

No more familiar faces at school drop off and pick up times (for a while anyway),

no more driving on the right :-)

no more Parly 2 shopping trips with my 'shopping buddy',

no more running in the fields and seeing the deer and rabbits dashing along...

Of course, there were a good few parts of living in France that I wouldn't be too sad about leaving behind...

No more panic at mixing up 'tu' and 'vous'...a very serious issue!

No more panic at greeting someone - is it 'bonjour' or is it 'bonsoir'...even after 7 years I rarely got the timing of this correct!

raté :-D

Thankfully, I could remember all the reasons for getting to the airport on time...Singapore had been in my dreams and thoughts since I left there 7 years ago!  Mr Man was already there beginning to settle into his new job (he headed out to Singapore a month earlier than me and my boys),

AND my gorgeous boy Bébert was about to check out of the quarantine station
and would be all ready to jump up and lick my face ;-P

Gosh, what an emotional last few days...

This post is titled 'one year part 1' so it's pretty obvious the'll be a 'part 2'...I think I'll call it 'ni hao Singapura' ;-)  I'll set about reminiscing 'n' pic searching for that post...until then...

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

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