Thursday, 29 March 2012

March Bellabox 'n' Facebook addiction

I've actually been so busy admiring my beautiful Bellabox from March that I've totally not got around to writing a little blog for it...

my March Bellabox

A'kin - hand nail & cuticle cream, L'egere BB cream,
Caudalie eye and lip cream,
Royal Herb EX cream and Dermalogica cleansing gel

AND this box was over-spilling with brochures 'n' leaflet infos!  To use my Dermalogica gift voucher will be such a treat :-) 

So, I now have 6 Bellaboxes I decided it was about time I had a general tidy up of my 'beauty products'...I've had stuff kicking around in the bottom of drawers and make-up bags since 'forever', I figured that since I now have all these 'new' goodies courtesy of Bellabox I should make some space available and get them used.

If you want an excuse to revamp your beauty regime or simply get your perfectly manicured nails on some gorgeous goodies then Bellabox is just for you xx ;-)

I vow to use my new products and not just simply look at them and think how lovely they silly is that? ;-)

a college of what my blog 'n' Facebook page is about...
Singapore - hence the beautiful orchids,
Moi -
and always sent with kisses 'n' smiles

Isn't Kate so beautiful 'n' thin ;-)

Anyone that knows me personally, will know that I have a 'oh so tiny' Facebook addiction ;-)  Needless to say, snippets and pics from kisses 'n' smiles are now available on this social networking site Ooooo, I'm on Facebook, if you like my blog drop by and LIKE me xx ;-)

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

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