Wednesday, 19 October 2011

sun, sand 'n' prison...

We are on October break from school right now.  So, keeping my boys entertained is my top priority - when they are happy I'm smiling ;-)  We've got some pretty fun and interesting projects and days out planned - remote control car racing, bikes on the East Coast Park, picnic at the beach, Changi Prison Museum, National History Museum, ArtScience Museum, swimming, skate park to name a few...I'll do a little review of some of these and other 'keeping the kids entertained' activities at the end of this week.

Yesterday - swimming, work (Kumon Learning Centre), lunch by the beach and Changi Prison.  We are lucky enough to live just 10 minutes by bike to the start of the East Coast Park.  Here there are lots of cafes, restaurants and of course the beach and sea.  Considering the traffic on the sea to and from the busy port - the beach is kept pretty clean and the sea is nice to paddle in.  Will for sure be heading there again this week, going to buy buckets & spades and do some fun sand castle building :-)

Also, yesterday, we took a drive further East in search of the Changi Prison Museum.  I do not have a 'fab' sense of direction but we did finish 'kind of' in the area we wanted :-)  Unfortunately, the Museum was closed - if we had not got 'a little' lost we would have got there in time to visit!  (we will return to see the little P.O.W chapel). 

My boys being real boys did think that to see the 'real prison' would be a good afternoon activity!  So, we took a drive around the 'actual' Changi Prison Complex.  Probably a bit shocking for them really and did enough to scare them some - to say the high fences, barbed wire, security cameras, police and various protection officers with their big guns were impressionnantes would be an understatement.  I do not imagine what we looked like driving around there...slightly more entertaining than tourists of the beaten track no doubt! :-0
Singapore protection officers

Our first October school break in the Singapore sun ;-)  For, I think, the last 7 years my parents-in-law have spent this holidays with us in France.  My boys have always enjoyed the bags and bags of Halloween goodies (outfits, decorations, sweeties) brought over from the UK.  This October we are recreating the Halloween fun but, happily, not experiencing the autumn weather - although I do 'kind of' miss those crispy orange leaves...

So, here in Singapore we headed to Plaza Singapura and found lots of Halloween goodies and fab material (from Spotlight) to make outfits for the boys (and me).  Erm, yes my sewing machine will be seeing the light of this space for my creations :-)

Lastly, a friend shared this pic with me via Facebook...

could really be the picture of every Mum (and some Dads) during October break :-D

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

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