Sunday, 16 October 2011

pretty in pink...

Today everything is looking pretty 'n' pink ;-)

October is BCA month.  Worldwide companies and individuals are going pink in support of the cause.  Landmarks worldwide have been lit in pretty pink lights to raise awareness and offer support, here in Singapore the Flyer - pretty in pink too...

So to offer my tiny contribution to this massive event I'm being passionate for all things pink in my blog today...

Pink (and green)...the Dragon Fruit.  Yes,  it looks very pretty and exciting on the outside but inside it's a little disappointing.  With my boys, yesterday, we enjoyed looking at this lovely tropical fruit which is grown in Vietnam.

My boys tried to guess what colour it would be inside - pink or green & white.  So, cutting into it they were surprised to see white with little black seeds.  The texture of the fruit's skin is rubbery making it super easy to peel.  The texture inside is pretty dry and would not be to every one's liking (all those little pips are a bit difficult and get stuck in all the nooks and crannies of your mouth and teeth :-D).  My youngest son - who adores all fruit - said the Dragon Fruit is sweet and yummy.  But my eldest, who is certainly a savoury food lover, did not like and after just the tiniest of pieces refused to eat anymore...I could not blame him - not to my liking either/neither.

Pink 'n' oh so girly y ;-)  My much anticipated Bellabox did not disappoint ;-) 

Ah yes, this cute pink box was opened to reveal a second box within - how very exciting!  I am loving my goodies which were so perfectly wrapped inside.  What was in there?  O.P.I skin quencher - mango hand and body lotion, smells absolutely yummy, yummy and my hands are now smelling positively good enough to eat!  Esprit D'Oscar by Oscar de la Renta - this sample size is applied by way of a tiny roll on - lovely, lovely and my fragrance made my 'Mr Man' smile last night ;-)  I'm adding a full size bottle of the fragrance to my Christmas wish list. 

Before I left 'old Blighty' 13 years ago, I regularly used and loved Aveda shampoo so after reading that they would be participating in the BellaBox I was so hoping to find some of their products in the first box.  Rosemary mint shampoo and conditioner these 2 cuties smell divine (my youngest son wants them for his own!)    Not sure the shampoo will suit my 'oh so natural' hair colour so perhaps my boys will get their hands on them afterall? 

Lastly in my beautiful BellaBox was the Twistband.  I have to admit that I had no idea what these little ribbon-y things were!  Thankfully, I spotted these on the BellaBlog and they are now sure to become a permanent fixture on my wrist just ready for pulling my hair back for those extra hot and humid Singapore days. 

Opening my BellaBox and this talk of exciting packaging reminds me of something a friend told me... she had opened her Christmas present from me a few years ago, I had bought her lots of Sephora goodies and got them gift wrapped in store.  The Christmas wrapping staff had put the gifts in scrunchy scented tissue paper, popped them in a big (slightly over sized) box, added tiny silver stars, then tied the whole box up with a red feather boa.  My friend told me that, although she loved the products inside the box, she could not resist wrapping it all up and opening the box again and again.

So yes, packaging and appearance is important.  But thinking now about the Dragon Fruit - the moral of the story has to be - appearances can be deceiving!

There's so many more cute-y, pink-y and pretty produits which are making me smile...probably some more pink photos tomorrow...

Until then...

Kisses 'n' smiles from me xx ;-)

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