Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Singapore in 'n' under a smokey haze

WARNING!  I am moaning and groaning about the air quality in Singapore right now (June 2013).

So, Facebook friends and Instagram followers will have seen me generally 'going on' and on, and on about this smokey haze problem we are having here in Singapore right now.

earily quiet for my walk with Mr Dog...
did other dogs not need pees?

This view into the city is usually so clear and,
well, gorgeous!

Over the reservoir to the Kallang park...
I usually see the paddle place so clearly

course, this view is usually so clear...18th June 2013
... :-) ... the difference...July 2011
... :-) ...

Just as my antibiotics start to kick in and begin to rid me of this germ that has been lingering on my chest...well now, thanks to the Indonesian farmers I'm back to coughing like a 40 a day smoker!!

Apparently, the Indonesian farmers decide to save time and money when preparing their land for the next season's crops by burning down their forests!!  Please, come on someone needs to make them see sense!  It's illegal and they still do it and seem to be getting away with it!!  (This is as far as I can see - I may of course be wrong and their could be a lot of wrist slapping going on in some pristine building somewhere!??!)  :-)

Farmers' land in Indonesia...
intentionally set on fire as a money spinner!!

Anyways, it's took this incident of Singapore being in 'n' under a smokey haze for me to learn what a 'PSI' and 'AQI' are.  So the moderate level of PSI 51-100 was soared above on Monday to 150, Tuesday morning I was choking and took to walking Mr Dog whilst wearing a mask (not a soul out and about in my area - rather earily quiet), mid afternoon saw the levels fall back down and I could breath normally (thanks to the lovely breeze on the East), however the city remained in a terrible haze.  Our usually gorgeous view of the city skyline from the balcony was none existent!  Schools were holding recreational activities indoors and kids, the elderly and anyone with lung problems were told to spend as little time outdoors as possible.

Wednesday morning the PSI reading was high 60's which is good and nothing too bad at all (yay, things are improving).  We talked too soon though and as of 2pm we had reached a PSI of 170+ with an AQI reading of UNHEALTHY.

I find it such a concern.  This whole thing has made me totally feel for friends who live in Shanghai and other parts of China - how they live like this as part of their 'China experience' is beyond me!  Should Mr Man's job every take us to live in China I think we would need separate medical for my lungs and more salary for our daily mask wearing needs :-)

So, check the PSI see what the AQI is telling you and if the outdoors is unhealthy, then do wear a mask or stay indoors where possible.

Just off now to cough up my lungs and take a puff of my Ventolin inhaler...

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)

PS...don't quote me on any of this PSI, AQI and hazy weather 'stuff'...I've done some research but I'm far from an expert - my only qualification to say the air quality in Singapore right now (June 2013) is 'unhealthy', is that my breather is strained and uncomfortable, I feel like I have something stuck in my throat, I'm continually coughing and the whole of Singapore smells exactly like Great Britain in November at the hight of their *Bonfire celebrations :-)

*Bonfire Night and who is Guy Fawkes / learn about that and him HERE

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  1. Its bloody 290 now!!
    And i am so feel like slapping my Indonesian government for being ignorance about this!