Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween 'n' to a happy winner...

Here's me dressed up reading to go trick or treating with my boys...

Was I scary?  Apparently, Halloween doesn't have to be scary can be just fun and a good old party...erm, when I was a girl it was all about being scary and frightening the living daylights out of everyone.  Oh, and me and my cousin never had a pumpkin but always had a turnip with a candle inside...Yes, a turnip - how very odd :-)

Did you celebrate Halloween or are you having a little scary party this weekend? the most exciting then to hit my blog like ever....

We do have a winner for my BellaBox inspired give away...

Ms Erin Kong

Yep, my lovely it is you xx :-)  You are really not so far away from seeing your very own BellaBox...golly I hope you enjoy it.

Do inbox message me on the blog or Facebook and tell me your postal details.

Keep following the blog, keep following kisses and smiles on Facebook and all in all, keep making me smile and allow me to make you guys smile too :-)

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Stay happy, be safe and try be a 'tad' scary over the Halloween weekend.

kisses 'n' smiles from me xx :-)


  1. ...a few typos there! Sorry, must be due to sugar overload from all of the Halloween Candy around my home, do forgive me my dears xx :-)

  2. o, My Gosh. Oh, My Gosh.i am so happy!!Thanks ^^. am happy beyond words ^^